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Lots and lots, metal, rock, pop, trance etc basically anything that sounds good!
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Posted on: August 25, 2008, at 07:04:04pm   [0 comments]
ZOMG! how long has it been since i last logged on!? bloody hell! rank 1,500+ oh gosh thats pretty bad, ah well ill get over it.

Anyways back to the main story, i have facebook




i use it instead of myspace so check it out if you want.

also i play GH KL Spread GH IL just a tad tricky when it comes to the rolls! anyway cheeers for all the votes and take care people! :) have a nice day!
Posted on: November 8, 2007, at 01:42:31pm   [2 comments]
Yes! i now play spread! The only way i thought to continue improving on ffr. Sure the arrows are all well and good, but as i play on the laptop tis a bit too close together + after some trial and error i have found this works best:

G = <- Left Arrow
H = Down Arrow
I = Up Arrow
L = -> Right Arrow

also it varies with songs of course, but i'll see how i get on with GHIL. peace!
Posted on: October 9, 2007, at 07:35:50pm   [0 comments]
Finally! im now on the list of the top 1000 frr players woop! now i shall retire! nice playing with you guys!

Jokes. On a serious note, i doubt i'd be playing much.. only to keep myself out of being 1,001 again or something lol. I dont really use the forums and im out of the official tourny :( due to lack of observance to see i was kicked out when i could of easily improved to stay on for round 5.

anyways to update...
Overall Rank: 997
Average Rank: 1,753
Overall games played: 3,640
MP level: 14 (though i dont play mp much)
Forum posts: 21 lol ironically my age oooooooohhh
Member for: 0.58 years (joined march 13th), could of sooo been in the top 1000 sooner lol ah well!
Profile Views: 1143
Profile Votes: 503
Gaming Region: Europe
European Regional rank: 30

Overall AAA's: 13 (9 normal + 4 skill)
Overall FC's: 151/305
Tier points: 1 OMFG done today with a full combo on ESC well happy...

MP stats:
Rank: 3529
130 wins
77 Losses
Win% 62.8%
level 14

25 Tokens Found
47 Skill Tokens Unlocked

30,836 creditz
phew! there we go!
Posted on: October 3, 2007, at 10:35:03pm   [0 comments]
argh! sleep! i even promising myself to sleep early so i wouldnt feel like crap in the morning.. my bad! its 4.30am grr.

Anyways im nearly in the top 1,000 :D
im 1,028 to be precise, but nearly there.
Also now got 2,000,000,000 woop.

also today has been bad ffr playing, not been play at all well. (as my scores show..)#

been improving a rapid rate, but it kinda comes and goes.. i have to 100% focus and doing so adds pressure making me miss that 1 arrow from a full combo, you know, you've all been there + done that.

Am loving Twilight Techno, awesome tune, but i find it hard to full combo on my normal speed of x1.5, will fc that bs song soon! but right now i think sleep in on the menu! ;)

[edit] - {sunlight} ST is annoying me... i will get it one day

[edit 2] - 470+ profile votes and 1000+ profile views :) thanks everyone! Your all welcome with your votes!
Posted on: September 21, 2007, at 07:31:16am   [1 comment]
Wow ok, its been agesss since ive made an update just a few things though and tips you might like to know. (on my mactop for once)

1) never come home drunk trying to play ffr. Your probably end up sleeping on the keyboard while missing loadsa arrows and you have better things to do, like throw up or sleep.

2) never play ffr on a mac, especially in safari, it'll never work, well it does, just lags like hell, your better off using ie, though it crashes most of the time.

3) omg wheres my money gone. yes after we normally get paid, what do we normally do? we go out and spend it all, mostly on drinks as i discovered over the last few days, sure it's all fun + laughs, but it mucks up your following day and well, leaves you poor lol damn empty wallet!

4) hi again atm not been doing alot of ffr lately due to some other activities which include drinking or partying (my bday is monday im going to be 21 OMG ARGH!) so old, least if i travel to the USA i wont have to hide behind some of my mates drinking, i'll be officially legal, yeh ok big deal!

sooo anyways ffr yeh, im improving ever so slightly, im loving the fact i can full combo mercury lamp and bbblow without any difficulty! loving it!
ooh damn that reminds me of the ffr tourny! i should be in round 3 hopefully with my almost AAA 1 good pass on bubbleman, gai AAA can never get those b*£^*s!

Ok this random thought is a tad long and my headline only says a few things, well its alot of a few things! also sorry about the spelling or grammer, still overcoming a hangover! later peeps, love you all!
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xXOpkillerXx writes at 9:51:31pm on 4/11/18
If your stamina isn't top tier you might have trouble. 1Bil is totally doable though but it might take you a long time (I'm guessing about 19-20h) Only you can decide whether or not it's worth the try tbh. I did 1Bil+ twice in my life and it's a big mental challenge after even the first hour. My score is beatable by a lot I'm sure, 1.7 and mayyyybe 1.8 are possible. Glhf
Bach96 writes at 1:26:28pm on 2/24/16
I posted on your thread with some tips that some pretty good players told me. Hope it helps :)
toto6 writes at 2:27:19pm on 7/11/12
FFR Pro 21 writes at 8:52:52pm on 6/17/12
hey thanks for the vote! :)
Nivenalis writes at 5:42:32pm on 5/9/12
Thanks for the vote!
blahblah692 writes at 11:26:37am on 10/27/11
SHIIIIT dude its been like over 3 years since I've been on XDDDD How you been? Probably don't even remember me D: lol
Haku XIII writes at 6:17:12am on 4/11/09
I've been playing Stepmania for about 5 years, which is why i am fairly decent in FFR.
And thanks for the vote too, Omega. ^-^
EmoxGirl109 writes at 10:00:39pm on 4/9/09
Ur welcome,and thanks :D
EmoxGirl109 writes at 12:17:05am on 4/9/09
Ty for the vote.Nice profle. XD
xxXVampChikXxx writes at 9:46:28pm on 3/12/09
thanks for the vote :)