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Moo-fasa writes...
at 10:16:02am on 7/20/08
Good profile!!!
Shoe The Almighty writes...
at 1:22:12pm on 3/13/08
Oy! Are you bored? (I am....but thats not the point) Then watch some of my movies! I have some on my account and the rest are on my youtube page http://www.youtube.com/user/ShoeTheAlmighty
Tell me what you think! I don't care what you say...okay mabe I will...just watch one of my movies please?
Sweet_Feet writes...
at 11:38:56am on 8/9/07
round 1 of my tournament has started
zorsy writes...
at 3:48:40am on 8/5/07
lols sydney,
haven't played in a week
mind you ill start right now...
20 mins and rank 4..

1 more hour
zorsy writes...
at 4:41:17am on 7/28/07
sup aiming to cath up to you in reigonal... =P
ogame master writes...
at 10:03:45pm on 7/27/07
I wouldn't have the patience to get them. All of mine are by accident
ogame master writes...
at 12:06:24pm on 7/26/07
thats allot of skill tokens. you are good
FalcoLombardi writes...
at 6:16:27pm on 7/12/07
more like 3000-4000 in a few days lol
i'm just getting a bit bored with it now lol
it'll take 4-5 solid hours of play and i'll pass you
i hope...haha
bossonparade writes...
at 10:57:06am on 7/12/07
ill beat ya one day xD
FalcoLombardi writes...
at 10:06:20pm on 7/8/07
yeah i was so pissed, i finished work at 7 on saturday (4pm for you), bought some food to just sit back and watch a thumping, and i'm like....uh...wdf...b risbane are winning 0.o
i went to perth a few years ago now, great place, our hotel was like a 2 minute drive from subi =]
twas in the summer though so there was cricket being played there
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