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Posted on: July 9, 2008, at 10:16:10pm   [33 comments]

Posted on: September 26, 2007, at 03:26:08pm   [65016 comments]

OMG IT\\\'S HIM + little anwar + master of taco + zypher+ RB_QUACKIES?!!??!?!! (question/ exclamation mark: because I can\'t even open the laggy thought any moar XD but I suspect it\'s HER) + a bunch of other hotstuff <3

Posted on: July 30, 2007, at 01:43:52pm   [117 comments]
yop Im starting to see some other people starting lists like this ._." i guess..it's fine ._.".
-Sprite- the coolest person evar!!
-13333333337- the guy with the best shash token
-1mpuls3- supa hot gorgeous smexci NJ member rofl.
-|xDestinyx|- :O HUGGED ME!! :O and lieks everything perfect.
- ||Sephiroth||- epicness of epic
- -zeroskill- - username self explanatory XD
-~sk_nova~ - THe greatest pen0rless alien <3
-~!Alek!~-the person with the prettiest nose.
-~kitty~- There'll be a day where he'll be all over this list, like a dog in doggy style
-badman7927297927927- makes everything half assed XD.
-BerZerkR- Shota...my wifey
-BigBoss-A powerful pyramaid head.
-black yoshi- >.< hotness+hax
-Bluemuffin_Yoshi - sis in law <3
-bluearrowll-supa skilled 2 hander
- boondocks77- is my hero
- Brian iPwn- stalks everybody
-championanwar - number one :O
-cheese_cube666 - fellow ninja warrior and mxc fan!
-CJ_leonine my sex changed boyfriend...that butch ate our baby
-Concertm my one and only sis that is a guy >_>.
-danceydanceydancer-tall dark and asian lol
-dandandamdandan1111- I liekz stalking him sososo much <3
-darkbuckethead-the jaws of ffr
-darkmanticoreX2- the best one hander under the law of ffr
-Dark Unicorn - mountain dew raper
-dcr- pineapple phobic D:
-ddrfreak(sum#)- DDR I MISSED U!!
-deadpony- the kindest person >.> with teh best pictures for making banners
-DJ.cristo -sexiest man with the sexiest hair :)
-DJ_swabber - cats of ALL cats
-DN_catastrophic- the hottest uncle on this planet :)
-DN_Maltman – GOD.
-doctorX- animal manipulation doctor.
-doggydog18 er 19?...the youngest :P
-dood gone kraze- professional horndog
-Dot. - only person in this world that is allowed to love cactus more than me
-dragonace555 - teh most pwnin guy on ffr!
-EA Games- the guy that is always....ALWAYs...in Multiplayer XD
-EnR - mmm doughht nuts, cookies, and timbits :p
- fantasticone – appreciates my pineapple vids.
-flash_g0d- the most skilled noob
-FreezinIce- freezes nicely XD
-Frozen Beat - Got robbed by a taco :(
-funmonkey54- working towards pro ranking
-fuzenakuma- the holy pineapple
-Genocide101 – one of the nicest guys evarrr.
-gg_guru - the guy everyone loves
-GhostBuster315 the first to request me to be his friend after i cleaned up the list :O
-~GJampa- the tanned chinky dutchman
-gundamdude- vertex beta whore-er XD
-Hakulyte- just plain amazing :D.
-Happy Emo - The prettiest gal on ef ef ar
-Heyitsmee- his place is the best place to live at
-HK_krAz3- my nublet
-HK_Ninja - my loverr yo... with the best moves ever...aka barrel rolls <3
-HK_uvrmx - someone who i've known for ever and ever and ever O.o
- I love you - my trainer...who i may be falling in love with :X
-infernova- is a legend :)
-irionman- long dong silver
-i will pwn u - not cool enough for this list XD
-Izzy - the most amazing #1 daily total score gamewhore
-jajadiddle06 - the funniest elongated hippo ever.
-kangoster- we share a secret ;)
-khmer boy-asian boi O_o
-litodude- we shall have perveted babies..oneday
-MasterofTaco- The Poptart King :D
-MidKnightSpaz- 1 word: nocternal(with an e :O)
-miryu- a very kawaii japanese gal :3
-mmshadow-u are the person with the best fuck vid :X
-MrMagic5992 – We like to touch :D.
-mr.rubix - I'm his rabid fangirl :)
-Ninjabear...I assume most intelligent >_>
- NinjaKiwi -teh funniest girl on ffarr
- Nolage – knows all of my accounts.
- One Winged Angel - He is very special in mai life :3.
-pascow - best tattoooo ever
-passivegirl - super beautiful X.x and beat every1 in hard songs XD
- Pieter12345 my number one spammer THE PERSON WHO GOT ME THE IDEA TO WRITE THIS :X
-PK_Endless- the person who discovered that i'm a cheap plum
-phynx the guy with the hottest voice evvaar
- power surge - a big bum
- RB_Dreamscanner- so f-ing f-ing haaawt
-RB_mapleleaf(a number) - fellow excite biker
-RB_QT-kenny- a great friend
-Redorigami- a godly one hander
-Renevatia – I like to pull hair
-Roy565 has the same name as me O____O
-sakura0392039203920 - the generous :P person on ffr..he gave a lot of creds but I won't say how much :P
-sephyxcore - she is epic and demands sxc andi's page usage. XD
-sh4dowr3ap3r- angel poo poo
-Sirrobx the first person I played in MP
-skishmonkey72- cuz we don't know each other :/
-slipknot6699 – Andy’s girl
-Soldat_of_life- first person to write poems about pineapples
-_southking/reylks- confuses me D: but labelled XD
-spitfire – cat abuser
-STD_Sappy - the cutest little brother anyone could have... (but he's my little brother only so back off XD)
-stoleasanta - the fastest improving ffr member
-Synthlight the first to spam on my wall+ profile i visited.
-synergy - a big bum
-TC_tsunami - the guy that gets his mp lvl taken away by girls all the time :(
-TC_pinkflash- hottest girl on ef ef ar <3
-TC_Tech- the biggest nub
- tha Guardians - want to kick me out of Africa
- [TeRa]- brings sexy back
-The1 - vertex beta addict
-themagicalleprechaun is a cutie ;)
-TI_virus the sexiest guy in pink
-TK_hero - sexci shaved head O_O with super huge guns yes yes yes :O
-Tree_Bark – Pretty awesome tree that I abuse.
-UltimaAssassin- guy with the most flawless hair....ever
-unknownman is the unknown man
-v!p- </3 often tends to break my heart </3
- Victory/ ~V~ - I love to stalk.
-Virus003- teh virus on ef ef aar
-wayne_white- guy that likes puppies
-who_cares973 - the person i wanna be when i grow up
- Who Knows my first friend on ffr
-xflamenx- FLAMEY is "THE MASH GOD" the one and only (flamey..it's a good thing XD).
-yeeyeekun- the ryo lookalike that peels prawns XD. Hot Stuff.
-yukari- the token whore :( whore whore whore D:< jkjk
-Zap_track- German boobies

---------If I left you out :/ lemme know I’ll label.-------- that is if u want tooooooo---------

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