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Well after many many many years happy to see this site is back up and running < I left a long time ago and last I checked site was down> Myself I am a 24yr old Aggrotech/Ebm Dj by night and a normal bluecollar worker by day from NC.
Music Glowsticking wallmart remixing musik wicca
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Ebm.Elektro.goth.industrial Vnv nation- Combichrist- glis- grendel- kmfdm- blutengel- prodigy- mesh- code 64- nebula h- suicide commando- skinny puppy- sisters of mercy-
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fight club- hackers- may- the wall- rubber jonny- mirror mask
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LilChola writes...
at 5:00:43pm on 5/11/07
um hi how life treat u today?
LilChola writes...
at 5:14:34pm on 5/10/07
hi im bored u?
LilChola writes...
at 4:30:41pm on 5/10/07
sup an thanx for offerin to deal with him so how life tret u today?
Ino Yamanaka writes...
at 2:00:29pm on 5/10/07
thnx! ^^
SwiftSlayer911 writes...
at 8:14:42pm on 5/9/07
what they dont know about me is i do pretty well for myself considering i play 1 handed with 3 fingers and i can pass almost every song very difficult and down the scores arnt pretty but i have time
SwiftSlayer911 writes...
at 8:06:33pm on 5/9/07
yo i voted your profile thumbs up shit is sweet
SwiftSlayer911 writes...
at 8:05:43pm on 5/9/07
thanks for backin me up on my thread i couldnt see my keyboard very well cause i had lights off watching a movie and typing
LilChola writes...
at 6:06:58pm on 5/9/07
but thanx so have a good day
LilChola writes...
at 6:06:33pm on 5/9/07
hes on here but no need i can deal with him cuz damn he said alot of shit so i sent him a private message and he jus birly started ffr so damn but he a pervert
LilChola writes...
at 5:52:48pm on 5/9/07
kool some guy harassin my homie sayin he goin to rape her and hes online sayin shit
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