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I'm a 23 year old boomer. I am a human person who lives life even though it sucks sometimes. I post on internet websites because I can act even stupider than I do in real life.
Sleeping, breathing, existing, being, raving, striving for positivity
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Foodfight! and Happiness
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Page 2
Posted on: November 17, 2013, at 10:09:52pm   [1 comment]
I had an epic dream last night

and I woke up and thought "Goddamn this is some life-changing shit"

Then my memory of the dream started to fade away so I was like "fuck, I gotta write this down"

Then, my mom called me down for breakfast

After breakfast, I wrote down what I remembered until I got interrupted by a text by my boss then did my history homework and now I have no recollection of the dream so I guess it wasn't life-changing in the end.

9th Official FFR Tournament Journal
Posted on: October 24, 2013, at 12:34:37am   [2 comments]
The people I beat in D3 two years ago are all now D6.

I can't even AAA 10s anymore and I haven't been placed what is life.

1st song: Some techno song

I passed bitch blackflag or something

2nd song: another paraoka-puzzle-whatever song

2 goods, this song suck dicks

3rd song: some fake seashanty orchestra bull

this reminds me too much of solros fuck this song

4th song: dumbass song title

this song is like colorgay course easy up until those last 100 colorfucked notes

fuck this

5th song: lounge music

hurrhurr orange notes and framers

not a 78, now a 76, still kinda easy compared to Mermaid Island/Kono Spoon/Silly Symphony

tiebreaker: yoshl

i already have vrofl and i know im gonna lose so fuck this song

Tournament Journal 2013 (first tourney)
Posted on: February 8, 2013, at 01:30:24pm   [1 comment]
1st song: Some technical song

I passed bitch blackflag or something

2nd song: some bullshit

fuck you all

Meh, moved up 2 divisions
Posted on: July 10, 2012, at 01:31:44pm   [2 comments]
Okay, let's attempt this.

Round 1: EuroMorroc (AAA)

Bleh, this chart hits my weakness. Luckily, the ending is incredibly easy, so I survived.



This file is more my type, as most of it is slow, and jumpstream section other then the first few seconds during the 32nds isn't too dense. However, the climax theory and awkward patterns in the ending cost me many a try. If anything, this involved a fair amount of luck.

Anyways, fun file, and moving on to next round. Here's to hoping for potential TWWW get.

Round 3: Press Start (3-0-0-0) (I assume pass)

Okay, this is NOT the kind of file you use in a tournament. There's 4 difficult parts, but those all require luck or great rolling ability to get through. Files like Skeletor, Master Maid and THIS should never be put into a tournament.

I lucked out it seems, as I never seemed to get better then 8-0-0-0, which is now below the cutoff. Still want TWWW.

Round 4: Alethia (3-0-0-0) (Pass)

lol this is late as hell. Anyways, I actually didn't mind this file too much. Sure it was long but there were enough breaks to make it not unreasonable. The polyrhythms took learning though, along with the jumpstream bits. Anyways, a fairly mild song all in all.

Round 5: Love & Justice (15-0-0-0) (Screw all you)

lol, I said it in round 1, and I'll say it know. ENOUGH JUMPSTREAM. I fucking hate files like this with the fast, rigid jumpstream and the awkward bursts don't help. Sorry bmah, but this file burns like Eradication.

All in all, at the very least, 13th place means I have TWWW.

I just unlocked Rocking Ass.
Posted on: December 20, 2011, at 09:16:05pm   [0 comments]
Why exactly did this take me so long? Well, whatever, hooray for (most likely) vROFL!

Comment wall
mrpreggers writes...
at 12:53:00pm on 3/21/21
Fitsum Desalegn Gedamu#1915
Travis_Flesher writes...
at 6:30:34pm on 12/4/20
what do you think about notorious french music video directory Brice Hincker, rayword?
MixMasterLar writes...
at 5:07:39pm on 7/11/20
Not gonna lie if you mispelled "you'res" in the roast thread as a dig to my Yuri sig then I ain't gonna lie GG.
....if you legit just didnt spell right then womp womp
Gravity Kitten writes...
at 3:18:24pm on 2/14/20
fuck you nathan
SpaceGorilla writes...
at 9:37:25am on 1/26/20
i put the dope in my dick
Gravity Kitten writes...
at 1:39:01pm on 1/11/20
i put my dick in the dope
Gravity Kitten writes...
at 1:38:59pm on 1/11/20
cuz im addicted to dope
DDR125 writes...
at 6:35:10am on 10/19/19
I'll check and see! I've downloaded and played the simfiles several years ago, but I haven't physically played the game itself. Such a shame Konami ended them, though. Couldn't take the competition. And the DDR step charts haven't been the same since.
DDR125 writes...
at 5:13:56pm on 10/17/19
Let's just say I'm trying to go back to basics and do some stuff I used to do all the time. Like drawing and playing DDR. xD
DDR125 writes...
at 2:36:12pm on 10/17/19
Dude, holy shit...
Remember me? Comicfreak from T3E?
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