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FFR Grandtotal:1,187,380,815
FFR Games Played:3,932
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About Me:
Hey. Im a Graduated Girl!!(Since 2012) I play Video Games. I listen to music alot.
Relationship: Engaged to Shane <3
DOB: 07201994
I'm Canadian. I live in Saskatchewan Canada.I Am officially a Cat Owner. She is a calico, and her name is Rarity.I am Also a Car owner now.
Pigs are my Fave Animal (dont ask why)and Purple and Dark Red are my Fave Colors. Obsessed With Sims3 :/
Just ask about me i guess.If i could Look up to someone in life it would have to be Beyonce <3 well and Wilson xD

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iironiic writes at 7:55:07am on 10/13/11 [X]

Gotta write a poem to my amazing Sam
As corny as this is, I don't give a damn
Cuz dude, your amazing like mah bros
But you haven't been on lately, oh noes :'(
Sammy gurll, pls come back pretty please
I'm sorry that I sounded like a tease
JW, do you have Skype or AIM?
Because without you in my Buddy list, that would be a shame :'(
<3333 Miss ya BFFL :'(
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mikemath3 writes at 3:22:41pm on 2/26/22
ay i'm cornwallace/skidss on this (web)site
if you come around, post on my wall to let me know if you remember me. because I don't remember you
reptile3141 writes at 8:29:33am on 2/27/21
Dudeeee. It’s been what, 7-8 years? Hope you’ve been well :)
Shortboyownz writes at 7:55:10pm on 5/20/16
hello there
Caps-Lock writes at 12:50:10am on 4/1/15
Hey! Thanks for the message! It actually has been a while! I've been great. New apartment, new roomies, new Everything!! Hope all is well with you too! ^.^
Squirtle x3 writes at 10:56:51am on 2/28/15
Caps-Lock writes at 9:52:02am on 12/11/14
Rawr! Herro :3
Rapta writes at 1:58:12pm on 11/1/14
Hello, I like your face.
popsicle_3000 writes at 12:56:52am on 6/15/14
haha good to know.
popsicle_3000 writes at 7:08:04am on 12/10/13
Squirtle x3 writes at 6:31:02pm on 9/24/13