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12th Official Tournament Log
Posted on: July 30, 2019, at 11:32:34am   [1 comment]
Oh hey, they used the banner I made! A tad modified, but I like it.

Here we go!


ROUND 1 [D1][D2][D3][D4][D5][D6][D7][D8]

[D1] - Misbehave (In This Cave) - Oddly enough, I had to restart a couple times - likewise for [D2] and [D3]'s songs - thanks to the last jump. It might've been from my computer still warming up, as there were frame skips - unfortunately right when the song ended.

[D2] - The Hop - Despite my issues with wiinter dream way back in D3, I do enjoy songs with swing rhythm. I somehow got a bit paranoid of getting off beat with the jacks (if they can even be considered jacks at this tempo), but the only issue I had was frame skipping forcing me to restart.

[D3] - Machines - I'm unsure if I'm underestimating the level of D3, or songs are just getting harder. This certainly felt like a tough opener for this division. I don't believe that frame skips were particularly an issue with this one - I think I was genuinely surprised by some of the patterns that suddenly hit.

[D4] - Bang - Computer was now being cooperative. This song feels about on-par for this division's opening difficulty, I think, but then again I'm writing this about half a day after I played. Not much to say, but this was a rather fun song.

[D5] - Carnation - Certainly did not expect to get this one off the bat. My heart was pounding near the end as I did not expect my execution to go without picking up a few errors.

[D6] - Ambient Ooparts - I absolutely love this style of song, but the niceties end there for this one, I'm afraid. While I appreciate that the biggest obstacle - that monster of a 24th burst - is near the beginning, it left me with the shakiest of nerves for the remaining 75% of the song. I would have been perfectly happy with getting a clean SDG of 5 goods following my (6-0-0-1), but my consistency with passing that burst with 3 goods or less was just getting worse. I never got a AAA on it at full speed, even in isolation. Stamina and (technical broken) jumpstream are usually my weakest points, but those are almost a cakewalk compared to an unreadable wall of complex 24ths no matter how brief. (If my current placement's an indicator of my overall performance this tournament, I'll only barely make it to the third round. Better step it up, and quickly!) Probably a mid-80. (Whoops, it's actually an 82.)

[D7] - Super Soaker - As soon as those 32nds kicked in, I knew this was out of my league. Quite the opener for this division.

[D8] - Violent Arcade - Yeah, no. Truly a division only for the best of the best.

ROUND 2 [D1][D2][D3][D4][D5][D6][D7][D8]

[D1] - Red Tint - Getting Touhou vibes from this song. No issue here - just surprised I didn't start off with the usual frame skips.

[D2] - Mindreader - Not as fun as the first song for this division, at least personally. The lack of sustained swing made this one easier to AAA, however.

[D3] - Starchaser - Jacks almost caught me off guard. Not much else to say about this one, though.

[D4] - rain beauty [Heavy] - There most certainly was a huge difficulty jump from D3's song; suddenly extended jumpstream (albeit loose) and 32nd flourishes. Not terrible at all, though, certainly doable.

[D5] - AVALON - Wasn't prepared for the jumpstream nor that ending on the first play at all. Took quite a few tries, and my heart was racing once I finally got to the last few notes with the AAA still in tact. This is definitely a bmah file - generally quite fun if you can execute things right, but with an easily mindblockable spot or two somewhere.

[D6] - Lamuscore - Currently sitting with an SDG; (5-0-0-1). I prefer this style of file over long jumpstreams, and despite it having more notes, I had the impression that this was more doable than the previous round's song. Just gotta practice that ending 'cause it's quite rough, but I can at least read it. I predict this'll be an 85. (Last day update: can't seem to improve that score; I can get into the ending with a low SDG but my nerves trip me up right at the end every time.) (Also, hey, it was an 86.)

[D7] - October (Dark Autumn Remix) - Feels a tad easier than the last round, honestly.

[D8] - Wanderflux - It's like getting hit in the face with a bat, right off the bat. This can't be any easier than Reluctantly Accepting Temporary Overexhaustion, especially considering its length; we either have another 109 or a new song tied with Undici at 110, goodness.

ROUND 3 [D1][D2][D3][D4][D5][D6][D7][D8]

[D1] - Pikachu's Lament [Red] - I believe there was a double grace note that nearly caught me by surprise, but there wasn't much else notable about this song. Certainly a TLT song given the intrument choices, though.

[D2] - Marble Mountain - Quite the jump from [D1]'s song, but not too bad.

[D3] - Old Skool - Seems like hands are going to be much more prevalent from now on in this division. Not terrible, though.

[D4] - EBONY & IVORY - (Oh hey, I know this one!) I know this would've been quite overwhelming when I was back in D4 - those jumpstreams are pretty tough. The Capoeira Sundance drills hardly gave me trouble, though.

[D5] - Start Over - Currently sitting with a clean SDG; (5-0-0-0) The last round for this division didn't want to give me the AAA easily, but now an SDG would be nice. My goodness, Terminal 11 songs are unrelenting; the final quarter of the song is especially gruesome as the minijumpjacks in the middle of broken jumpstream (what a mouthful) become more frequent. This division definitely has its work cut out for them. (Previous bests: (6-0-0-0) ← (12-0-0-0))

[D6] - Eternal Peace Is Nothing But An Illusion - Currently sitting with a messy FC (12-1-0-3). That ending. Almost anything but those patterns would be acceptable, but then this wouldn't have been a step up from the last round, would it? I've gotten through the first 75% of the song with my AAA intact more than once, but from 1318 to the ending, those bursts absolutely slaughter me. It'll be a miracle if I manage to get past this round. Since the worst part is condensed to the last part of the song, I think this'll be an 88. (Update: Currently two spots above the elimination zone. Very doubtful I will hold this 'til the end of the round, but I'm still happy I at least got out of it.) (Previous best: (23-2-3-2)) (Oh, hey! Got the difficulty right!)

[D7] - LOSHAXI - MANIERA's older cousin, yup.

[D8] - Gamma Stop Sending Me High Quality Rips - At least 111, definitely.

Called it! Guess I'll ghost for the rest of the songs.

ROUND 4 [D1][D2][D3][D4][D5][D6][D7][D8]

[D1] - Forgotten Story - Is this really a level this division should be at only halfway through the tournament? It's quite a step up from what I expected.

[D2] - Dirty - Not terrible, though the length of the song's a potential AAA hazard.

[D3] - Steel River - Took a few tries to get this one. I'm pretty sure if I got this song way back in the 6th Official Tournament, I would've hated it.

[D4] - Amnolys - Love the song, but my heart goes out to this division's contestants. Calling this chart's patterns and polyrhythms rough is a severe understatement, especially for just being four rounds in.

[D5] - Area A (Shatterhand) - This song's much more lenient with the complexities than the last round, though I can certainly not say the same thing for the stamina. Almost had a AAA near the end in my starting plays, but choked within the last eighth of the song. On the run that I actually got it, my heart was almost louder than the music; I swore I was going to trip. (Previous bests: (2-0-0-0) ← (5-0-0-2))

[D6] - Sayonara Cosmonaut - Talk about a serious difficulty upgrade. I'm pretty sure this crosses way beyond where my competency levels even allow for a shareable score. Feels like a 94.

[D7] - Verse IV - (Forgot to put something here.)

[D8] - That's Gonna Be - A yikes from me.

ROUND 5 [D1][D2][D3][D4][D5][D6][D7][D8]

[D1] - rainy beauty [Standard] - Feels rather standard (no pun intended), not really much else to say here.

[D2] - A.SHU.R.A.-Frontier ReMix- - Wasn't expecting these patterns for D2 so quickly; caught me off guard enough that I needed to restart.

[D3] - Let's Get Crunk - The minijack stairs are quite fun with this one, though they also caught me by surprise the first time.

[D4] - Poison AND÷OR Affection - So glad I'm done with this one. Like with Ambient Ooparts, the worst section for me was at the beginning; I couldn't seem to consistently get through those 32nd bursts - my left hand always lagged behind somehow. Had two near-AAA runs that choked at the end before I got this. (The way the music video splits PANDORA is rather clever, though, I'll give it that.)

[D5] - 8bit Adventurer - Currently sitting with a messy SDG of (9-0-0-2). Feels like an easier version of D6's previous song, but definitely not easy. While I started off with a score I wouldn't share, on the final night I managed to clean it up, even if it isn't perfectly clean.

[D6] - Antigravity - Already headed into D7-worthy territory. My goodness are the fast parts dense.

[D7] - to luv me i *** for u - I thought the (Reprise) version was bad enough.

[D8] - Extratone Firestorm - No.

ROUND 6 [D1][D2][D3][D4][D5][D6][D7][D8]

[D1] - Rock Rock Rock - It was neat hearing the samples that the t+pazolite remix worked with. Quite fun for an easy chart.

[D2] - [b][/b] - Even though I got the sightread, this is rather brutal for this division. Quite a few patterns I didn't expect heading into this one.

[D3] - Altale - Talk about a difficulty spike - I couldn't imagine being in this division and getting hit by that dense burst smack dab in the middle of the song. The rest isn't terrible, but I could imagine one's nerves would be going at one hundred miles per hour after getting through it with a good score. (Previous bests: (1-0-0-0) ← (4-0-0-0) ← (9-0-0-1))

[D4] - Celestial Horizon - Quite the respite from D3's song. This song's much more straightforward in patterns, the only tough part being the jumpstreams - which, while being numerous, are thankfully in short chunks that give you a breather in between. (Previous bests: (1-0-0-1) ← (4-0-1-2))

[D5] - Akasha - Talk about yet another difficulty spike. My goodness, this one's unrelenting. Seems like xi's hard songs are required to have plenty of 24th notes within those long, dense jumpstreams - and stamina's far from my forte.

[D6] - A small journey that starts from a morning glow - Already in the stage that I'd not even bother finishing the song, but I'm pretty much obliged to try anyways.

[D7] - High-Priestess - Nah.

[D8] - Bolt Thrower In A Chinese Restaurant - No.

ROUND 7 [D1][D2][D3][D4][D5][/color][D6][D7][D8]

[D1] - Power Rocket - This division's getting quite technical indeed - wasn't quite expecting the quick patterns, but still managed the sightread.

[D2] - Rabbit and Warlord - Took a few tries thanks to frame skips, but I suppose this is a reasonable difficulty for this division at this point in the tournament.

[D3] - Celestial Horizon [Another] - Following D4's last round, I expected this to be rather quick. I was wrong. Though I got off to a strong start with a low SGD, I formed mindblocks with the beginning bursts and it took a while to whittle it down to a blackflag, then even a booflag before I managed the AAA run. The run right before that, however, I got through all my trouble spots at the end, only for my computer to start skipping frames. Thank goodness this is over. (Previous bests: (0-0-0-1) ← (1-0-0-0) ← (4-0-1-0))

[D4] - Alien Lair - Currently sitting with an FC. (24-0-0-1) I wouldn't have expected this after last round - or should I have considered a bounce back in difficulty? My goodness, this file's reminiscent of Area A (Shatterhand) except this one's cranked up a couple notches. There's almost nowhere to have a break, and if any, only for a second. That ending's just mean after three minutes of pain.

[D5] - LeaF Style Super Shredder 3 - Love the quirkiness of this file, but I'm sure I'd be out this round were I still in D5.

[D6] - Firmament Castle "velier" - I don't deserve to be in this division. I could only dream to reach this speed of jumpstream, not to mention the stamina required for its duration.

[D7] - The Little Devil's Heart Pounding Amusement Park - Those flourishes are like segments of that wall for a tiebreaker song.

[D7] Tiebreaker - Ra Variationen - Not for me to suffer through, nope.

[D8] - Fireball - No.

ROUND 7 [D1][D2][D3][D4][D5][D6][D7][D8]

[D1] - before... - Restarted mostly from frame skip issues, but I was quite surprised with the level of difficulty this had, even if it should be worthy of a final round.

[D2] - Aublia - What a finisher for this division - already guessed the charter before I saw it in the sightread's result screen. It's fun to execute the quick mini trills and bursts, but it's only fun when they don't give you mindblocks. That ending can be really mean. (Previous bests: (1-0-0-1) ← 6-0-1-0) ← (13-0-0-0))

[D3] - -Ricochet Love- - Currently sitting with (Previous bests: (4-0-1-1) ← (9-0-0-2))

[D4] - Perihelion / Aphelion -

[D5] - Rainbow Night Parade -

[D6] - Cest What -

[D7] - Mishnu -

[D8] - Crystal Combustion Chamber (bike) -

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DissonantMuse writes...
at 8:28:57pm on 10/9/19
Sorry for the hella late response, not really on this site much anymore lol. But yeah thanks man, it was some pretty intense competition this time around and some derusting on my part made it quite the challenge. Always try to play every official tournament though since I've participated in every one since like the 6th official.
Sanjixcon writes...
at 6:15:09pm on 2/12/19
gotcha ;p
Yung_Wholesome writes...
at 8:19:52pm on 10/27/17
Your ptofile is rather.... Interesting
DissonantMuse writes...
at 12:41:01am on 10/9/17
Yaaas! The movie was amazing!
sonicdeadpool23 writes...
at 10:49:26am on 8/28/17
Sanjixcon writes...
at 5:10:59pm on 2/14/17
Yo thanks for noticing man =) yup slowly but surely lol.
DissonantMuse writes...
at 6:39:01pm on 11/2/16
SethColeman writes...
at 11:03:27pm on 10/25/16
Thanks a lot! Might be my last billion, slowly getting out of this game. Only time will tell I guess
Sanjixcon writes...
at 8:47:27pm on 10/12/16
damn dude you've been rackin up those aaa's the last few days :D congrats on the big 600
YoshL writes...
at 4:58:19pm on 8/29/16
ty mang, much appreciated
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