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Welcome to the profile of DDR125, a member who will NEVER go down in history. Ok, take your time and look around this done? Ok.
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rayword45 writes...
at 8:17:16am on 10/19/19
I will say DDR A20 and to a lesser extent DDR A has seen some of the best files Konami has ever made. Of course I will always have a soft spot for the oldest classics like Xenon and PSMO but they've been upping their game with some really good files like BLSTR and Magnetic, and Max 360 CSP is the first non-horrible 19!
But yeah the step artists working on ITG stamina and ITG FA are both way better than Bemani lol
rayword45 writes...
at 6:25:06pm on 10/17/19
Oh man I just got back into playing ITG this past summer and skillboosted like crazy. If you live close enough to a machine (Check Zenius-i-Vanisher) you should get into ITG stam and footspeed shit
rayword45 writes...
at 3:43:08pm on 10/17/19
Yeah I do lmao.
What you been up to since leaving that joint? I'm in a Discord with some of the members lol
rayword45 writes...
at 8:31:20pm on 1/8/12
Oh, damn.
I hadn't seen you since the site went down (since you quit T3E)
You still make simfiles? As you obviously know, the DB is down, which makes me sad D:
rayword45 writes...
at 4:24:48pm on 8/12/11
You still alive?
rayword45 writes...
at 7:46:20pm on 5/3/09
Y halo!
ConjureFlame writes...
at 12:11:57am on 12/15/08
Sorry for leaving so quickly, my computer tilted :(
someweakplayer writes...
at 5:49:32am on 6/26/08
XxffrgalXx writes...
at 5:12:48pm on 7/8/07
oo! thanks! lol
ThanhSakiSuki writes...
at 11:29:57am on 1/26/07
"YES! I'M NUMBER TWO ON HEAVY! WAHOOO! Curse you, ThanhSakiSuki!"

Lol I just noticed that comment today
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