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[Oni], finally.
Posted on: March 26, 2009, at 07:49:37pm   [2 comments]
It was about time. I actually didn't expect to get it from Epidermis, I expected an easier one like Novo Mundo or Silence, but I had too many mental blocks on those.

I feel awesome.

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FoFin writes...
at 7:18:54pm on 7/15/11
Então... es o Matheus do orkut... belo profile!
Kesshutsu writes...
at 2:33:35pm on 4/6/11
techno neko writes...
at 1:53:38pm on 1/2/11
Do you have any idea why the chat isn't working for me? It says username is already taken.
techno neko writes...
at 10:03:38pm on 1/1/11
would you mind trying to help me with something? :3 writes...
at 4:19:57pm on 12/17/09
No problamo lol
stavie33 writes...
at 6:15:32pm on 11/27/09
I'm not a hacker, I'm not a cheater, almost all those scores were legit. Taco, however, got onto my account, botted scores WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE, edited posts, and then wrote bullshit. I would never bot or cheat, and that's why I'm having those scores erased and admitting this, I had no idea he did this, and it was my fault for ever trusting him with my password, but please don't judge me as a hacker, all my other FMO scores and FN and Reality are legit, and I hope this won't change your view of me as a person, because I don't think it's fair to be judged based on someone elses actions (someone who did it without my knowledge or intention as well). NSane checked IP's, and sure enough, all the botted scores were on Taco's IP, ask him if you don't believe me
PhaeL v2 writes...
at 10:13:08am on 11/20/09
Haha, isso não é problema, toda build do SM tem opção pra reverse. E tem as perpspectivas, pra ajudar na leitura.
PhaeL v2 writes...
at 3:40:31pm on 11/18/09
Faça isso, há bons jogadores brasileiros, e a comunidade brasileira é pequena. Um membro a mais seria uma ótima.
PhaeL v2 writes...
at 2:46:21pm on 11/18/09
Deveria tentar, sei lá.
PhaeL v2 writes...
at 11:14:42am on 11/18/09
"FFR Average Rank: 9"
Um brasileiro no av top 10, parabéns, cara. :)
joga SM?
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