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I have a very eclectic background. Most people who know me in a particular venue aren't aware of my activity in other areas, so I'll take some time here to briefly explain what I've done in the past decade or so. In my early teens I developed an interest in competing in F-Zero GX—the futuristic racing game for the GameCube—and eventually achieved the title of American champion, a title which still stands. However, with growing competing interests I ultimately decided to abandon F-Zero GX, and instead began to focus on academia and stepping simfiles. After making simfiles for a few years, I stepped away from the Stepmania community to pursue a degree in nursing—the logical choice; something that would provide both money and an outlet for my interest in medicine (additionally, it would set a nice platform should I decide to go on to medical school). And here I am now, graduated, and feeling a renewed interest in a lot of things I used to enjoy.
Interests: Physics; medicine; piano and music theory; philosophy; linguistics; and some old-console games, namely F-Zero GX and SSBM.     Education: Most of my education is derived from my academic ambitions outside of school; however, I did formally attend college, earning an associate degree in nursing.
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Mostly piano, especially pieces like those from Yoko Shimomura and Nobuo Uematsu. I also enjoy Kyle Landry's interpretations and original compositions in this genre, and, of course, I enjoy listening to songs in the rock/metal genre.
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icontrolyourworld writes...
at 7:51:04pm on 2/7/14
happy birthday again man :D
GammaBlaster writes...
at 7:54:36am on 1/28/14
Nice, mang. Still sick to see you back here (I used to go under cleaner88HPi back in 2009, if that moniker rings a bell).
GammaBlaster writes...
at 7:30:42am on 1/27/14
You plan on charting for FFR?
icontrolyourworld writes...
at 12:58:16am on 1/27/14
sweet man it sounds like you really got things goin for ya :D
would be sick to see you come back also haha
GammaBlaster writes...
at 11:08:31pm on 1/26/14
You're back again!
Joe D writes...
at 11:00:36pm on 9/12/13
awesome dude! glad you're beck
baq12 writes...
at 5:55:43pm on 3/14/13
I think the perfect song to step for ODIpack 3 would be Salieri Strikes Back. No one has touched that song in ages, so I think we can pull it off and make something revolutionary. I would probably trim the beginning before the opening solo and then the ending after the last keyboard solo for the cut since its a five minute song. Then we can split up the solos from there! What do you think?
baq12 writes...
at 9:44:28pm on 3/13/13
That'd be sweet! GLoVE surprisingly got back into the game again and I think is starting a thread for ODIpack 3. We can find something amazing to step and send it to the pack! :)
baq12 writes...
at 6:00:16pm on 3/4/13
Physics is really neat! Although really complicated once you really get into the math. I haven't been able to really upload files on any website, most of my recent files have been going to packs,I can provide some links to some of my files though if you want :)
baq12 writes...
at 6:46:17pm on 2/20/13
Oh hey! Things have been really busy for me lately. Trying to juggle between school and clarinet is a pain. But I'm still checking on every now and then and working on simfiles. How have you been?
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