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techno neko
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Location:Connecticut, USA
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Gaming Region:USA - New England
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About me:
I am no0b. I'm bad at FFR. When I see a lot of arrows, I mash the keys! ^,.,^
Fav Music:
I love techno (if that wasn't obvious already) but my favorite song would have to be "Jeremy" by the band "Pearl Jam". Jeremy is a true story, of a boy named Jeremy Wade Delle. He was tardy one day and his teacher had told him to go get a tardy slip and he went to his locker and came back with a gun and said " I got what i really went for".....He then stuck the gun in his mouth and shot himself.  It was in english classroom at Richardson High school in Richardson,TX on January 8th 1991. Listen to the song sometime. It's really deep and will make you think twice about how you should treat people.
Fav Movies:
Horror and thrillers mostly.
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weblows23 writes...
at 3:02:34pm on 2/11/11
hey my names nick and if u like DDR the come to 220 north colony street wallingford,ct .......we also have a great selection of games between (xbox360, ps3 , gamecube , pc , wii and more ) stop by 1 day
12 for 4 hours of play !!!! yes i said 4 hours for 12$
krazyoreo writes...
at 2:51:00pm on 1/15/11
PrawnSkunk writes...
at 12:05:47am on 1/9/11
welcome to ffr -if you have any q's send me a message!
NocturneAunamic writes...
at 3:07:00pm on 1/2/11
thanks for vote :)
xDrumRemixKidx writes...
at 2:01:54pm on 1/2/11
Nice xD
condoct writes...
at 1:21:43pm on 1/2/11
Tanks for the vote *boom* tank blew up.
mhss1992 writes...
at 7:28:10am on 1/2/11
_Areyano_ writes...
at 10:57:40pm on 1/1/11
no problem hope you had a good new year celebration.and you surpass all resolution you may have
DarkbearX writes...
at 10:15:44pm on 1/1/11
I'm bad at FFR. When I see a lot of arrows, I mash the keys :3 -- Attaboy!
FearItSelf! writes...
at 10:14:43pm on 1/1/11
awesome banner, :D
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