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Hey, I'm A-A, I'm a nice person, kind of short temper, but if you get to know me you'll know I don't really mean anything I say when I'm mad. Friends, not so many. But I don't really care, I'm satisfied with the friends I have now. Profile: Banner made by: disnikbmw. Background made by: Misuzu`.
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Welcome back FFR!
Posted on: October 15, 2010, at 09:50:41am   [2 comments]
Hello everyone, I know most of you don't know me, and normally I wouldn't even do this. But since FFR is finally back I thought I'd ask you to tell about what you love most about FFR. Now, you don't HAVE to, I just thought it might be a fun little thing to do to celebrate the revival of FFR.

I'll go first.

The thing I love most about FFR is that it makes talking and playing with friends so easy, and it's fun too! I had always played DDR as a kid, and that's why I love a game like this. So much fun, even though the game can get a bit ridiculous. And a lot of the people you meet can be really nice, so it's not hard to make friends who will want to play the game with you.

Well that's all I really have to say about FFR right now. But I encourage you guys and girls to tell me about what you love about FFR.

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Nampire_of_Darkness writes...
at 9:31:08am on 1/18/11
digfight writes...
at 1:56:42am on 8/6/09
thx for the vote
BlueberryMuffins writes...
at 10:34:24pm on 7/31/09
Hello there, sir.
Master TAnK Evans writes...
at 5:12:24pm on 7/25/09
thanks ^_^
digfight writes...
at 1:58:05am on 7/24/09
hay how are you doin good i hope
Cabooser writes...
at 2:47:10pm on 7/19/09
thanks for the vote and add alcoholics anonymous! :P
AnimeShinigami writes...
at 9:56:01am on 7/19/09
thx for the add^^
floeds writes...
at 8:55:35am on 7/19/09
thx for the vote
JordTheMan writes...
at 8:15:52am on 7/19/09
Ah i see. lol
Ya I can imagine that it's got to be a little boring at nights sometimes. =
I don't know why even if I have things to do on the net, I just get bored of being inside. I guess it's because I think too much when i'm here -_-
JordTheMan writes...
at 8:03:30am on 7/19/09
I'm doing good too
It's just weird that it's 9am and i'm already bored of being home, might have to go out to the gym soon or something.
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