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I'm the Green Thunder,I am Mr.L,Well...not really. Actually My name is Devin and I'm not just a Paper Mario fan,I'm also a huge Luigi(or Mr.L)fan! After a long break I decided to come back and do some more work at FFR.:D
Luigi(or Mr.L),Yoshi,Funny stuff,Basketball,FFR(of course),and some other Nintendo stuff going on.
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Rock,Techno,Hip Hop, and thats just about it.
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Dumbass Mario
Posted on: May 27, 2009, at 07:08:26pm   [6 comments]
Some idiotic stuff done by Mario and Luigi.

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zxien writes...
at 8:30:51pm on 4/7/11
nice profile
biohazard_123 writes...
at 6:25:35pm on 11/12/10
I know that ur Luigi is imitating one guy xD
DigitalLyncher writes...
at 2:19:42pm on 11/7/10
love your profile, dude. just sayin ;D
LuigiDude writes...
at 1:23:15pm on 10/28/10
Go Luigi! it feels good to be back on here, doesn't it? anyway, what's up? (you sent me a friend request BTW)
bobcatsvball writes...
at 2:57:28pm on 12/5/09
is ur bro madf at me or something
notverygood2 writes...
at 2:05:35am on 12/5/09
Is it like a way of life here to swarm to new users profiles and welcome them to FFR? Regardless, thanks for the welcome! :D
moches writes...
at 9:05:52pm on 12/4/09
Thanks for the vote :)
SakuraLover_AM2JA writes...
at 11:46:04am on 11/30/09
nice profile!
Vidik writes...
at 12:29:07pm on 11/29/09
o hai
jose () writes...
at 6:08:11am on 11/26/09
luigi rocks
im just some random blue weirdo
thumbs up
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