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Hey there. I used to push arrows / design stepfiles, and now, well, I don't.
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Posted on: December 7, 2009, at 06:26:51am   [0 comments]
Color change again, because I'm getting so many profile views.

Also, still not really here. But hi.

Oh, also, since I don't have my title: go play my level in FFR. It's called Solar Force. It's in the void known as the Misc genre.

Posted on: March 25, 2009, at 06:27:07am   [2 comments]
Maybe some of you have noticed, but I'm never around here anymore. Don't take it personally, though; I pretty much literally don't use the internet. I logged in here a couple of times, but didn't have any new comments, and didn't bother going around making any.

Back in early March when my internet went down, I realized that there are a lot of things I like to do that I stopped doing because I started spending so much time on the internet. And although I've tried to balance my time a little more between everything, it just never happens. Once I open Internet Explorer / Firefox, I pretty much don't close it until I go to sleep. And I open it, like... when I wake up. Haha. And it isn't just FFR; this is something that's been going on for a long time, even before I came here to FFR. So, yeah, I'm tired of that.

I'm gonna start investing my time in my old hobbies. I find them a lot more fulfilling than spending a bunch of time here. And this isn't any offense to the people here. Anyone that got to know me realized I obviously don't come here to play the game. The community is definitely the fun part about this place, but... that's just not a substantial use of my time. I hate for that to sound cold, but it's true. I just need to revitalize the interest I had in all of the things I use to do.

Also, this doesn't mean I'm going to disapppear. I may still log in, and there may be a point in time when I come back. But certainly don't expect anything. I mean it. Just saying, if you're wondering where I am, that's the explanation.

Posted on: February 19, 2009, at 09:17:56pm   [3 comments]
I was browsing profiles and I found token number 20 LEGIT.

Eat that.

Comment wall
JiZ35 writes...
at 11:47:25am on 8/29/12
Free JiZ53
championanwar writes...
at 2:30:32pm on 12/13/09
Best of luck in college, and don't forget to pull out the full mark :D FFR has been getting colder with me these days. I've migrated to Newgrounds hehehehe. Oh and I do have a few more songs in game thanks to Kommisar and Vote4Nixon. . I've been working on more - not generally for FFR, but for school and fun :D
How's life at the moment (Like college)? If you get this in time :P
championanwar writes...
at 4:00:49am on 12/12/09
Hey hey! I don't really come here much anymore - but I see you're here. So I think I'll stick around :3. It's good to see you! ! ! How're you?
Dr Tran writes...
at 2:27:48am on 12/11/09
i wish i could step my manias
foilman8805 writes...
at 2:54:41pm on 12/10/09
foilman8805 writes...
at 2:48:27pm on 12/10/09
dumpmania is gay
i was just listening to the song on assist tick to identify mistakes and then it was like
"dumpmania error message: i crashed bro restart or some shit"
foilman8805 writes...
at 2:42:03pm on 12/10/09
your old and gay
you're life can't get any worse
foilman8805 writes...
at 2:39:40pm on 12/10/09
i saw your forum post and was like blinded by gayness
had to say soemthing
foilman8805 writes...
at 2:37:46pm on 12/10/09
Dr Tran writes...
at 1:03:30pm on 12/10/09
lol im still on your comment wall
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