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About me:
I'm 19 years old and a BRfag ... ahaha everyone hates brazilians and I understand why. Whatever, I'm studying at a good college called UFABC. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I'm studying Economy and I pretend finish my graduation in Germany. And the most important thing ... I LOVE POKÉMON. I play everyday, I read everyday, I love Pokémon.
Fav Music:
Well, it's a problem cuz I like metal, but Folk, Black, Death and similars types of Metal. I listen some Oi! music, grindcore, goregrind, folcloric and classic music. The bands that I usually listen nowadays are: Borknagar, Ensiferum, Vader, Korpiklaani, Birdflesh, Schandmaul, Tyr, Gut, Anal Blast, Frei.wild, A. Vivaldi, Die Prinzen, Blind Guardian, Finntröll, Tuatha de Danann, etc
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Xx{Fallen}xX writes...
at 3:19:20pm on 9/25/13
oh sick, i really like da One Piece
Miaou6468 writes...
at 7:33:59am on 12/1/10
You're welcome =)
*mysticdarkness* writes...
at 12:55:37am on 11/2/10
Thanks haha.. Uhh, pretty interesting display pic thing, and nice taste in music x)
SarahStone writes...
at 10:01:50pm on 11/1/10
ibitepizzaa writes...
at 9:20:42pm on 11/1/10
I agree.
The5thMoon writes...
at 11:56:36am on 11/1/10
haha awesome, great link
The5thMoon writes...
at 11:54:44am on 11/1/10
lol wish I could see that but it shrunk
xxxxHavocxxxx writes...
at 11:27:34am on 11/1/10
nice writes...
at 11:13:43am on 11/1/10
crazykitty66 writes...
at 11:03:05am on 11/1/10
Lol. He's fat.
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