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Haven't been playing for a while.
I like music in general :)
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As i said, i like music in general :)
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SKG_Geezer writes at 3:56:42pm on 3/20/12
pitkästä aikaa online, takasin ffr pariin tossa viikko sitten
biohazard_123 writes at 4:56:02am on 1/1/11
Uusia vuosia :P
HeZe writes at 5:59:27am on 8/28/09
Se tuli suoraan sydämestä :D
BIGEZAY writes at 2:12:34pm on 8/27/09
lol it did xD
Makoto Shinobi writes at 9:57:46pm on 8/25/09
I'm usually good at difficulty ranks 1 to 8. I'm not good at 9 and 10 yet Probably I can't do 11 and 12, since the difficulty is extremely brutal. Hopefully I can learn a new skill on how to pass certain parts I have not met with someday. :)
SK8R43 writes at 5:26:02pm on 8/25/09
huh? lol
So how are you and how have you been since we've last talked on here?? :)
Makoto Shinobi writes at 4:59:20pm on 8/25/09
No problem. Thank you for adding me as a friend and a vote for me. I'm still trying to get it better on higher difficulties in FFR though. :)
Makoto Shinobi writes at 4:35:11pm on 8/25/09
Wow, you're good! :O
Concentration writes at 4:35:11pm on 8/25/09
nice channel by the way
gothic_wars writes at 2:12:13am on 7/11/09
y r u hitting ur self lol