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I born not to AAA VB.(A nice tip for you: Train your biceps, looks way better when you start making ffr videos.) I will AAA EHHS one day!
Sports and Ellie <3. I'd like to compose at least one song for FFR and step it. If I never get enough inspiration for composing, I'd like to at least step something cool.
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Everything cool dance n' METAL.. and epic music! Aliceffekt!
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Independence day, Lord of the Rings trilogy, Deep impact... everything. I like movies
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Random Thoughts
PAIN IN THE ASS - list v2
Posted on: February 21, 2015, at 09:35:25am   [0 comments]
So, like in list 1, but these aren't that easy songs. Just having a lot of trouble pulling a triple A.

Pwntendo - AAA. Lovely song with really enjoyable steps. I have had this blackflagged for years. Blackflagged this n times over the years. Then just suddnenly a AAA.

Coat Czech - blackflag. Those 64th bursts will get me at some point, usually after the first half of the song. I sence that this is going to be the last still not AAA'd.

CIA rave - AAA. The ending one hander trill gets me when I can make it that far. EDIT: Isn't it ironic that I manage to AAA this the same day (21.2) I added it to this list. I just needed to mirror it and AAA.

{Rose} - AAA. Easy song, but somehow I manage to fuck it up at some point. Edit: Like CIA rave, AAA'd with mirror in 21.2.

Pupil of Frenzy - AAA. The second repeatpattern takes me. Somehow I can't deal with the bpm change. EDIT: Like {Rose}, managed to AAA with mirror in 21.2 :D

Posted on: February 28, 2014, at 04:55:31am   [1 comment]
These EASY songs I HAVE SO MUCH trouble trying to AAA.

Mercury lamp - AAA - Took like half a year of trying to AAA and hundreads of trill isolations

Asteroud Run - AAA - I can't just PA trills and this is one trillphobic's nightmare

Euphoria[Antinomie] - AAA - So boring, so annoying. I can't believe that this difficulty 6 song is the last of these yet not AAA'd. EDIT: I WON'T REGRET OF STAYING UP LATE TODAY! Mildly drunk and tried to play this shit for the lulz and it took only one try to AAA! Lol this is the biggest accoplishment in months :D

Toxic - AAA - I don't know what it was with the jumpchain but I needed to isolate it like 50 times before managed to AAA

Science Genius Girl - AAA - The trill seemed to be impossible to AAA for some unknown reason and I thought for a long time that I can't ever AAA it. Usually couldn't even SDG the song. Then 14.1.2015 randomly isolated the trill for a couple of times and BAM MOTHERFUCKER!! AAA'd the song first try after the isolations.

Europe top 7
Posted on: November 1, 2013, at 04:48:30pm   [0 comments]
Today that happened on regional rankings. Gotta enjoy as long as that lasts :P

Posted on: September 21, 2013, at 11:35:54am   [3 comments]
2013 goals:
700 public AAA's - DONE
Avg rank top 200 - DONE

2014 goals:
50% of public songs AAA'd - DONE
Overall rank top 100 - DONE
Dance 1 category AAA'd - DONE
850 public AAA's - DONE
925 public AAA's (would put it 1000 this year too but we're moving together with gf, so I don't want to piss her off too much by banging my keyboard :D) - DONE

2015 goals:
Top 100 AAA's - DONE
Average rank under 100 - DONE
1000 public AAA's - DONE
750 tier points - DONE

2020 goals:
VB AAA - Tim Allen's request

Posted on: August 29, 2013, at 10:52:53am   [0 comments]
500 AAA 11.8.2013
15G total 12.8.2013
16G total 28.8.2013
550 AAA 29.8.2013
600 AAA 16.9.2013
17G total 22.9.2013
100 tier points 26.9.2013
650 AAA 26.9.2013
18G total 25.10.2013
700 AAA 11.11.2013
19G total 27.11.2013
125 tier points 2.12.2013
20G total 4.1.2014
150 tier points 10.1.2014
750 AAA 15.1.2014
175 tier points 23.1.2014
21G total 26.1.2014
800 AAA 17.2.2014
22G total 26.2.2014
200 tier points + ONI 6.3.2014
23G total 24.3.2014
850 AAA 25.3.2014
225 tier points 13.5.2014
24G total 13.5.2014
900 AAA 29.7.2014
25G total 24.9.2014
950 AAA 14.1.2015
TIER POINT SYSTEM CHANGE - 1.2.2015 572 tier points
26G total 18.2.2015
975 AAA 21.2.2015
600 tier points 18.3.2015
625 tier points 1.4.2015
27G total 1.4.2015
1000 AAA 15.4.2015
30000 gameplays 5.5.2015
650 tier points 19.5.2015
675 tier points 24.5.2015
700 tier points 24.5.2015
28G total 3.6.2015
725 tier points 10.6.2015
1025 AAA 5.8.2015
750 tier points + tier 3 promotion 30.8.2015
31000 gameplays 12.10.2015
29G total 8.11.2015
1050 AAA 11.11.2015
30G total 27.7.2016
1100 AAA 25.7.2017
31G total 24.8.2017
1150 AAA 10.11.2019

Comment wall
MrWoof10 writes...
at 11:02:42am on 5/24/18
33000 Games played, 11 years :O
EtienneSM writes...
at 1:48:38pm on 8/13/16
I think I got it last week or some time around there. I want to SDG it with FC but that's gonna be pretty tricky.
EtienneSM writes...
at 8:56:58am on 8/12/16
Maybe one of these days, I will. Not a fan of grinding files so I can't promise I'll get it anytime soon, haha.
evil smoke writes...
at 3:59:21am on 7/21/16
yo FFR Member for 10 years, Wow happy birthday buddy! You got some really good scores dude! :D
Herkkupala writes...
at 8:03:25am on 1/15/16
On hyvä on :-)
mrpreggers writes...
at 12:49:19am on 8/27/15
you did it you singlehandedly saved ffr
mrpreggers writes...
at 1:52:57pm on 7/17/15
yessir I've tried them all it just isn't in God's plan
you've become quite the GOAT yourself keep it up hombre
mrpreggers writes...
at 8:02:21pm on 7/14/15
don't even get me started
(ty mate)
mrpreggers writes...
at 12:23:39pm on 6/11/15
Schweinekaramell writes...
at 3:03:58pm on 6/3/15
ty :)
and congrats to your 28 Bio ^^
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