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About me:
i'm 13 years old girl from finland. i'm into drawing and dancing and i like my friends. i have four best friends and lots of friends 8''')
dancing, music, drawing, friends, tv, computer, family and so on.
Fav Music:
i love music. i can't live without it. i like IOSYS and ali project. i don't have a favourite band or something. 8'''s
Fav Movies:
i looove horror. the ring is a good movie. 8'')
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kirjautunut writes...
at 10:00:26am on 3/10/09
ei täs, mitäs sinne?
kirjautunut writes...
at 6:05:34am on 3/7/09
no moi. :)
Alexis Like Music writes...
at 1:56:01pm on 2/28/09
Nothing much, what about you?
Alexis Like Music writes...
at 5:36:08pm on 2/27/09
hey hai :P
Zei Akabane writes...
at 3:52:32pm on 2/27/09
Yeah. I see in your Fav Music. IOSYS is a good band, but listen to MyonMyon. If you haven't heard of them, I have a song by them posted up on my profile. Now then that's out of the way, do you need the links to the games? I have them, but it's in a PM on another site.
Zei Akabane writes...
at 3:46:42pm on 2/27/09
I KNEW IT. xD And yes, I like Touhou. In fact, I have a lot of games from the series such as: Imperishable Night, Immaterial and Missing Power, Phantasmagoria of Flower View, and many others on the PC. ^_^'
Synthlight writes...
at 12:12:49pm on 2/27/09
First person to post on your wall.