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Hey I'm Maksym. 18. Freshman at UIUC, majoring in Math & Computer Science, alongside with Economics. I've been away from FFR for 2 years now. So it's time for me to get my skills back.
Music, math, tutoring, working out and tetris. :D
Fav Music:
Mostly metal, trance, and techno.
Fav Movies:
A Beautiful Mind, 7 Pounds, and Man on Fire.
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nnyl-inaek writes...
at 11:25:25am on 6/12/12
lmao.. i have no idea
liewser writes...
at 5:08:50am on 6/12/12
yeaaaah. :P it's alright though. once I reach my 200 fc's I will change my pic hahaha
EmmyBeee writes...
at 4:56:23pm on 6/11/12
Haha, well it's not like I'm good at everything :p only games I've played before for awhile, I've actually played tetris a couple times but I wasn't very good lol. And yeah, I'm just glad college is done for the summer, I was getting sick of school :p
liewser writes...
at 12:21:54am on 6/9/12
Ahaha, I never intended to call everyone a loser, I just wanted a sign to go with my username. My last name is "liew" so I just thought of liewser which sounds like loser. I am the real loser LOL
EmmyBeee writes...
at 11:52:20pm on 6/8/12
I enjoy being different and I grew up playing all sorts of videogames with my brothers so I guess I was and still am kind of a nerd, but these games are fun so i don't mind :p I am a business administration major.
emo1555 writes...
at 8:40:15pm on 6/8/12
EmmyBeee writes...
at 1:00:54pm on 6/8/12
Lol, what's hard to believe? The are some people on this site that have all the FC's and close to 1,000 AAA's....that's what I find hard to believe, unless you're like everyone else that thinks I can't be good just cause I'm a girl :p I grew up in a very competitive family so compitition in my middle name :p
nnyl-inaek writes...
at 12:56:29pm on 6/8/12
depends.. on the question.
nnyl-inaek writes...
at 12:47:05pm on 6/8/12
high school
nnyl-inaek writes...
at 1:13:01am on 6/8/12
thank you ^^
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