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Posted on: July 21, 2021, at 12:25:34am   [0 comments]
I'd already decided that this was going to be my farewell OT, after which I will be pretty much well and truly gone. Life, etc, new challenges, so on. I'll play now and then when the mood strikes me, but I won't be taking part in any events after this one.

Then it's turned out to involve division adjustments, and I went from my traditional "Out as of round 3" participation to maybe being able to make a run at a top 8 badge, so it feels like a really nice note to go out on.

Round 1 - AAA
Round 2 - 2-0-0-0
Round 3 - 1-0-0-0
Round 4 - 10-0-0-0
Round 5 - 24-2-3-2
Round 6 - 42-3-1-6
Round 7 - 56-17-10-26
Round 8 - 154-35-28-85

Finished in 2nd Place! Better than I thought, I'm quite happy! Congratz to Fireo and Zelda for making top 3 with me!
Posted on: November 16, 2020, at 08:25:47pm   [0 comments]
[ ] - Play every song
[X] - Level 35
[ ] - Level 40
[X] - Get an OT top 16
[X] - Get an OT top 8
[X] - Get an OT top 3
[ ] - Top 100 at 90% of level
[ ] - 200 FCs
[ ] - 300 FCs
Posted on: November 16, 2020, at 09:41:34am   [0 comments]
11/15/20 - 1st Place - WirryWoo's Self-Improvement Tournament
08/31/21 - 2nd Place - 14th Official Tournament

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Zeldagurlfan1 writes at 12:25:54pm on 9/1/21
Zeldagurlfan1 writes at 12:25:43pm on 9/1/21
yo i forgottttt we diidddddddd LOL
Zeldagurlfan1 writes at 11:01:34am on 9/1/21
You and I share a D1 Top 3 badge together now :D
Fireo writes at 11:08:20pm on 8/31/21
Gg man gg. Hopefully this fits as a final tourney for ya. Good Luck in whatever you decide to do!
Zeldagurlfan1 writes at 10:04:48am on 8/13/21
Zeldagurlfan1 writes at 6:19:29pm on 8/12/21
so it be like dat....
SwedishMeatballs writes at 4:42:54pm on 7/28/21
SwedishMeatballs writes at 9:12:07pm on 7/26/21
ur gonna beat me in the OT this time but i beat u in Fei Longer today so who's the REAL winner
the sun fan writes at 11:58:33pm on 7/21/21
I know you wanted deadchat to the current game, I'll get it in a sec
Fireo writes at 12:43:57am on 7/21/21
Hopefully you can make it into the top 3 for your last tournament. Good Luck on whatever you decide to do after this