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This is a group account used by the FFR Event Staff team to handle various event matters. You may see this account being used when receiving a PM, obtaining credits, or when a new event thread is posted.
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Random Thoughts
Posted on: March 22, 2015, at 12:27:05am   [0 comments]
Are you an aspiring vocalist? Have you ever dreamed of captivating an audience with your voice? Have you ever sung before, even just by yourself?

If so, then come on stage and show your stuff on FFR Idol! There will be three rounds of singing, judged by our panel, and even if you don't win there are still prizes for participation. Come on and give it a shot, and you could win a token just for being a part of it, or upwards of 75k and two tokens if your voice really wows us.

Hurry though, the first round ends on the 28th at 11:59pm! If you miss the first round, you're not eligible for participation prizes.
Posted on: January 1, 2015, at 07:50:45pm   [0 comments]
Are you feeling lucky?

(click the image to go to the gambling hall)

As we all know, the gambling hall has generally been pretty slow going. Now we're not making any promises that it will thrive, but we've decided that we'll join in on the fun a bit. As of now, ffr events will be going to the hall and making bets (and taking them too).

These bets won't be random though, oh no, we're out to take all of your credits. this is because we hate you, and also due to giving out a ton of credits for events. It doesn't mean we'll succeed however, and the more bets are taken, the more likely it'll be we'll bomb on a crazy loss streak and give up millions. Do you think you have what it takes to beat us? if so, stop by and take a bet, or place one. You know you want to.

Just be sure to remember that if you care about secret songs, don't gamble your account into the ground with random bets. Stop at 150k, or you might ruin your day.
Posted on: December 13, 2014, at 06:26:00pm   [0 comments]
It's that time of year again, where we all get to experience the joy of the holidays. The events team would like to give each and every one of you a gift for taking time out of your day to check out FFR. However, we thought a single gift wasn't good enough, so we're giving you 12!

If you send a PM to this account from now until the 24th of December, you'll receive credits, and have a chance to win your choice of an event, support, or tournament fundraiser token! You can only send one PM per day, because we won't let you manhandle the advent box and eat all the candies on day one. You should have some self respect!

Check out this thread for more info on prizes, rules, and updates. If you participate for all 12 days, you'll have a chance to win a real special prize.
Posted on: October 25, 2014, at 12:12:05am   [0 comments]
There are a lot's of prizes up for grabs, if you can decode our vague hints, or just happen to stumble upon something eerie on your own. If you want to take part in this year's week long scavenger hunt, take a look at all the info in this thread.

If you are a good enough site sleuth, you can win some tokens, including the three new newest ones. Touhou Judgment in the Sixtieth Year, Bedtime Story, and The Bridgeport Run! So if you missed out or just didn't donate for the 10th official prize pool, now's your first chance to get a hold on them!
Posted on: October 14, 2014, at 05:21:00pm   [0 comments]
This month we have two Halloween themed events for you to take a crack at!

The first is the FFR Scary Story Event, where you're goal is to conjure up a chilling tale. If the community likes your story, you could win lots of credits, an event or support token, and a nice entry on the front page!

We also have a returning competition, the FFR Halloween Banner Contest! Simply take the official banner, turn it into something symbolizing the holiday, and submit it to the thread. If people enjoy it, you'll get a nice credit bounty, an event or support token reward, and the banner featured on the site throughout the last week in October!

Good luck, and enjoy!
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