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Thoughts On My Own Files
Posted on: July 1, 2008, at 03:59:48pm

Undergoing updates :)

  1. lolpower

  2. By the looks of it, you really know what constitutes a good file, at least in your opinion. Hey, I have some files I intend to submit (not all are stepped). Could you help me test them out and see if you like them?

  3. Good stepfiles. I have to mirror M.A.M.A to get a good score on it though.
    P.S. lol excite bike

  4. "Melonman's OP - I put zero effort into this and I'm sure it shows. Someone else's file should have beaten mine out, I really don't know why mine was chosen. It doesn't deserve it. Also, the requirement to unlock it is quite stupid, but I guess it's a blessing that so few people unlock it, or else I'd be drowning in the complaints! "
    But I like Melonman's OP D: It's fun as hell imo lol

  5. Trisection - Lame and hugely under-stepped. Needs a v2 with 150bpm jumpjacks and 24th jumpstream a la Yesssss's file. I was hoping to appeal to the Final Fantasy lovers on this site, but I guess nobody even realized this was from an FF game. Oh well. Someone please do this song justice.
    so make a v2 of it :P
    also i love yer files
    {rose} is the best

  6. hi19hi19: "Dear Rebirth,
    Please stop taking your steps that you've already released for SM and removing the freezes and calling it an unreleased FFR version. Please stop stepping in the same style of index friendly 16th crap to hi-hats and other dumb sounds you can't hear then toss in some 24ths for color and move everything in a few sections to one hand because I dont like spread. Please stop stepping songs that have no business being an FMO just because you like to fap to little japan girls squeaking. In short, we already have like 50 of your wapanese song simfiles and they all play the EXACT SAME, so stop making them mmk?"
    Did you say this or did someone make this up?

  7. I often find myself complaining about your stepfiles, although I have no specific reason that applies to all of them. I'd rather play his stepfiles.

  8. lmao rebirth files
    ps you have other files post about them too :S

  9. This was a really interesting read, actually.

  10. should have talked to me about the Token Whore req... i would have been open to other ideas, but you, nor Shash, mentioned any to me. so i went with the obvious/generic/still hard req choice.

  11. Hardcore of the north I thought about stepping once or twice. If I did it I'd make the main baroque melody semi-pitchrelevant, so that it goes in varying derivatives of 212342432123424 or w/e

  12. Wow. Nice history of file behind the scenes.

  13. {Rose}, You made this file just perfect i don't think any other way works.
    Hardcore of the north, I like the file for this one.
    Hellbeat V2, I love this file.
    EturnuS, I like the SM version over this one but still good none the less. I would be ok with saying I AAAed Horizon cause i whored this file.
    Party 4 U V3, MUCH better than V2 easy to enjoy.
    Legendary Etude, IMO you're best file I love the running men! There's only a few things i think could have been fixed but it's still in my top 5 files.

  14. my favourite from you are midnight dragon, brightone, legendary etude and dazzling soul
    keep making stepfiles ;)

  15. loved it, and I personally like almost all your files, and my views tend to concur with yours, lol at the Token Whore rock req, though I probably would have gotten it, and Dazzling Souls still a good file, though my favorites are brightone, midnight dragon, Anubis, Hardcore of the North, and M.A.M.A (for the fun randomness)
    Also, Melonman's wasn't THAT bad, it was just rather boring, but not much could have really been done

  16. hrm, you are far too critical of your work


  18. I hadn't moved on from Johto Wild Pokemon Battle by the time I'd bought it. I thought it was really fun, one of my favorite files :D

  19. wow amazing :). thanks for sharing how you feel about you're files

  20. teehee I still do idolize you <3
    Anyway, the St. Scarhand that's in-game isn't actually by me :P.
    I think it's a version that done by wc and jimerax

  21. lol you're the one that made {rose}?! Evil evil evil evil >B[
    Oh well, don't care, it's a good file.
    P.S. someone lame went and -1'd every one!

  22. fuck tokens indeed I wanted to play St. Scarhand. :(

  23. lol

  24. I agree about tokens, I've played the FFR Scarhand on my offline engine, and it's really fun. Oh well.

  25. {Rose} is the fucking shit, damn awesome file.
    EternuS, agreed, is SO DAMN AWESOME. I first heard it on an old DDR game I had way back in the day.
    Demon Fire is awesome no matter what anyone says.
    July and Brightone are those songs that you AAA and you remember them.
    Melonman's OP is fun and I hate that it's a token song >:[
    Midnight Dragon is <3, by far my best FMO score to date.
    Dragon's Bane is a bitch and took me too long to AAA xD
    Legendary Etude is awesome and I wish I could AAA but I suck.
    M.A.M.A. is one of the best files no matter what people say. It's original and there aren't many people that can say that their files are truly as original as this one.
    Token Whore is lulz (saw krunky play it when he got it).
    And that's it, at least for the ones that I have 2 cents on x]

  26. I also wish I could play your half-version of St. Scarhand. *sigh* But I do like the feeling I get when I earn a skill token. Lol.
    Also, I love your files. :D Especially Midnight Dragon, {Rose}, Legendary Etude, and M.A.M.A. :3 Ahh memories. :)

  27. Oh, and definitely Dazzling Soul although I admit to liking Dazzling Destiny better song and stepfile-wise no offense just take my half-assed compliment. :P Lol.

  28. Reality and Scarhand's pretty fun. I like Demon Fire as well haha.

  29. IMO part of M.A.M.A's song title should have been omitted to match the chart. i.e. 'A.M.A.'

  30. I want to play your St. Scarhand. But I can't. Cause I suck. Lol on that note, can you even play your own file on FFR?

  31. ". Seriously, fuck tokens."
    Well worth reading :D

  32. Man imo you are a stepfile God!
    M.A.M.A - Really Good stepfile, It is smooth with some jagged edges, and the no left arrow makes it alot harder.
    Legendary Etude - I think this is a really fun file too play. I like the flow of the arrows.
    Party 4 U v3 - Great stepfile! It is a fun song because the difficult parts have cool steps, I can't fc it though because the background blends with the arrows.
    Destiny v2 - I think this is F'ing great, I like it better than your other one because the arrows arn't as spread out. And destiny is a good song. And like you said I wish the one shash played was on here, it looked amazing!
    Dazzling Soul - All around good and fun file, the jumps in the rolls make it a challenge. I like that it is just kinda smooth which makes it more difficult.
    Hellbeat v2 - Fun song, like yours better than the v1. Yours seems a bit more insync.
    {Rose} - Really like this one, some of the little rolls are hard. It's fun because of the way the arrows roll. And it

  33. And it's pretty challenging
    But I really like all of your songs and I hope you keep making stepfiles. Well that's just my 2 cents. Just giving you the credit that you deserve! =]

  34. I LOVE DEMON FIRE! When i first played FFR I mashed the hell out of the file! now i can easily play it legitally.. but damn you on the jacks! XD

  35. to this day I still don't have a decent score on M.A.M.A :C BTW what's it stand for?

  36. but I like My When Clones I Am Out Many :(
    (both song and steps)

  37. I really want to see the unedited version of St. Scarhand, the anchor jacks aren't my thing. :/

  38. what anchor jacks are y'all talking about. my final draft for st scarhand had no anchor jacks at all. the only changes i made was fix the PR and fix what was requested by the judges forever ago. i also added a couple of hands but nothing really that would stand out much. i'll have to ask jx for the file again so i can see what you and eze are talking about.

  39. scarhand is fun

  40. FREEDOM DIVE, a.k.a St. Scarhand v2

  41. Regardless, I have scarhand, and it is indeed fun. :D

  42. Uh Hi19 that part in the rave7 comment is hilarious. I don't think they deny charts that are to hard or to dense because they can. I think they had an honest concern.
    Now I do agree with you however sometimes the judges are absolutely ridiculous. Also since Rudi bypassed the batch are you really going to complain it's a token? And Freedom Dive being a token is sad I guess. doesn't look like any fun aside from mashfucking it though to me, but I dunno.
    Either way good to see you still stepping :D

  43. Scarhand is the best file on FFR with no competition.
    And you can't consider Rave7 to have been AAA'd yet because Dossar isn't really a player at this point lol! Let's say that it's been blackflagged...

  44. Not a fan of that Rave7 comment considering that I'm a FFR judge, and that I'm capable of handling just about anything thrown at me...

  45. "and I was ESPECIALLY annoyed that it was made into an event token."
    Well, not ANYONE can make a file that gets into a token. So shh.

  46. Rip this

  47. Rip v2

  48. r - wait for it - ip.

  49. UNDER THE SEA!!!

  50. Omg I love you

  51. /Not a RT creeper at all

  52. even though they're not released, I'm still curious to know your thoughts on stepping Mondo Brutale and Data Drain.

  53. He already sneaked through a Data Drain with dr1. As for why so many of your files are hidden behind tokens, it's because they're that damn good. Just unlocked St. Scarhand Standard and while I wish it could have more layered stream like some of the unlocks (Rocket Flight, Fighting For Control) it fits well as a 60.

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  55. we need more crunkcore in this game

  56. Update hype

  57. bring this post back :(((

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