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My name is Anthony; though you can also call me Ant or Tony. I'm 17 years old and was born in Melbourne, Florida on 7/2/1991. Also I love everything about Penn State :D!!
Music, television, computer, playing my bass guitar, piano, ffr, and lol runescape. I've been playing the bass guitar for almost 2 years. I only have the beginner bass... Fender Squier Precission. I'm planing on getting an Ibanez or an ESP in a few months though. Also, I joined a local Metalcore band recently :) (3/7/09).
Fav Music:
My all-time favorite genres are Death Metal (like Nile, Suicide Silence, Job For A Cowboy, Obituary, Dying Fetus, etc.) and Classic Rock (like Led Zeppelin, Boston, Journey, Def Leopard, etc.). Strange combination, but it suits me.
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School's Out
Posted on: May 28, 2009, at 02:42:35pm   [0 comments]
Last day of school today. I'll be a Senior in High School. Class of 2010.

:O :o xD
Posted on: March 7, 2009, at 12:12:33am   [0 comments]

Posted on: March 6, 2009, at 04:58:01pm   [0 comments]

Posted on: February 22, 2009, at 05:20:40pm   [0 comments]
2/21/09..random, yes?... sorta lol

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MattHughes writes...
at 7:06:05pm on 7/16/09
Hey old friend, I used to be ADK_9705 but I changed my profile.
Ghost_Hunter writes...
at 6:54:38pm on 6/20/09
I am ADK_9705, I made a new profile, send a friend request if you want.
McR EmO LuVeR writes...
at 1:03:27pm on 6/9/09
haha niiiice
McR EmO LuVeR writes...
at 9:55:33pm on 5/29/09
so whats up? [=
McR EmO LuVeR writes...
at 6:30:40pm on 5/28/09
thanx for the vote [=
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at 4:13:36pm on 5/28/09
thanks for the vote
SwineFlu writes...
at 10:34:09am on 5/7/09
Congratulations! You now have swine flu!
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at 4:28:17am on 5/1/09
Thanks for the vote :)
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at 6:15:15pm on 4/29/09
Thanks for the vote.
kitkat9 writes...
at 4:41:07pm on 4/29/09
lol. Yup.
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