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Dead and DirectDub26-12-08
Forgotten Planet8-bit16-12-08
Nebula [Rushjet1]Game Music25-01-09
Illumination of the SkyDrum'n Bass01-03-09
Witches HatDrum'n Bass29-03-09
Story of the Constellations8-bit19-04-09
CryosleepInstrumental Rock16-05-09
J'ai Envie de Plaisir X2Minimal Breakbeats29-06-09
IvaltekDance Speed17-07-09
I'm Sick of UprockElectronica15-11-09
Asteroid RunChip Techno23-11-09
Tribe AttackerTribal Rave24-11-09
{A Change of Seasons}Trance25-11-09
Yeah Yeah BeatsChiptronica27-11-09
HumanismDrum'n Bass27-11-09
BouffInstrumental Rock22-12-10
Betrayal of FateInstrumental Rock17-01-11
The FusionElectronica01-02-11
Field of Snow [Light]Trance08-03-11
The Battle With the BetrayedChiptune18-04-11
Go Beyond!! -Jazzy mix-Progressive Jazz14-03-13
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Posted on: February 16, 2009, at 11:40:24pm   [11 comments]
Dead and Direct:
The 32nd run in the very opening is actually one note too long :< ie the last orange note is erroneous.
Has some funky layering in places due to the rules I follow, possibly should have been 'whiffed' more to feel more intuitive.
I'm fairly certain I missed lots of bass drum hits - you know how when I have yellow jumps just before the red beat of a new measure? I'm pretty sure those are usually bass drum minijacks going into the next measure that I missed.
To this day, every time I look at the file I feel a gentle pain inside, like I could have done better and I'll never have the chance again. It just doesn't make sense to me just looking at it - I might have to play it more until I resonate with it.

I've probably inconsistently stepped/layered the solos somewhere, and the yellow jump I put to a melody note on its lonesome a bit before the first solo will pain me until my demise...I think other then that it's all good.

Forgotten Planet:
When jumps are more likely to 'ram' into each other than not in a 4 button setup, making almost all consecutive jumps spread across the arrow keys seems deliberately abrasive, especially at low levels of play; it's what the layering technique called for, though.

Nebula [Rushjet1]:
No errors, but nothing too special either. (Rushjet1's Out There album isn't that steppable, to be honest.) Plays like Forgotten Turtles 0.9x.

Illumination of the Sky:
When the percussion first comes in, I'm layering the hi-hat + bass drum/snare. I tried to do it consistently, but I might have hit or missed something somewhere.
The minijacks in the first half of the rest of the song correspond to the synth bass line. When it plays jacks, I lay down jacks too. (I think I missed some of the repetitive ones, though? Ugh.) Jumps to snare, and when it comes in the instrument that plays 3 '2ths' in a row.
EDIT: Found an error. The 16th triplet ending at second 55.73 (just before half way through the first fast part) needs to be extended to be five notes long.
For the rest of the song; jumps to snare only, then to bass as well if it is NOT part of a 5-note 16th run. (I also had to unlayer the yellow jumps so I wasn't getting two-jump gallops.) Note that, technically, I could have made the second half of the fast part stream (instead of the traditional IotS file which makes the first half fast stream) and that would be technically correct, due to a percussive instrument playing constant 16ths!

J'ai Envie de Plaisir X2:
I don't remember how I made the patterns in the solo so don't ask
more to come when I feel like looking over the file

The song can be broken up into intro, a1, b1, slow1, a2, b2, slow2, ending run.
a1: Minijacks are used when the guitar repeats pitch.
The little 32nd drumbursts aren't technically arranged (the bass drum notes and share drum notes share columns often), but this is how the ITG pad file for it steps them, and to do them properly I think would be too abrasive; they're already a big burst from the surroundings.
In b1, the random gallops are going to the guitar changing pitch over a long duration; it just goes on for long enough to ram into surrounding notes often.
slow1: has an error in section 3 out of 4; the last red note (second 44.87) should be moved a 16th late. Oops!
slow1/slow2 follows the melody as accurately as possible with drums filling in the breaks. Minimalistic to match with how quiet it is (no layering when the rhythm is doing non trivial things; you'll see this in the beginning of Ivaltek again when that comes out)
b2, instead of following the stringed instrument, regresses and plays that background melody - yes, the one that was playing back at the very beginning of the song. It's actually been playing most of the time but quietly so. Half way through b2 I pseudolayer in the percussion to keep things going.
The ending run should be fairly straight forward; only thing to note is that when it goes jump jump jump if it were technically correct there would be a 16th triplet between the second and third jumps (possibly taking the first one of that pair out). I prefer it like this though.

subscribers only

hasn't been added yet

Story of the Constellations:
Similar to Forgotten Planet, layering should be straightforward except for one part: Starting 48 beats before it goes into straight 8ths I add in an extra 4th in a gap to the bass melody twice to keep things going.
I prefer this to Forgotten Planet, actually. Feels better balanced.

Witches Hat:
Intro: The 16th melody plays an extra, low-pitch note after each set of four notes, so that's layered as well.
First section: I layer the hi-hat into this section like any other instrument; nothing gets special priority with regards to jumps, excluding the lone purple snare in the burstlet.
Second section: The offbeat is layered in except when the front melody plays something other than straight 4ths. Jumps unlayered when during constant 24ths.
Third section: Should be obvious. Jumps unlayered during constant 24ths blah blah
Fourth section: This is the least obvious section. My layering technique was as follows: Layer the right hand of the organ, the left hand and the percussion, but unless the right hand is playing don't add in any jumps. Jumps still unlayered during straight 24ths.
Fifth section (organ ends): Unlayered around 32nds as well.
Outro: The song slowly gets more and more 'decayed' as it progresses; every 192nd is as onsync as I can get it without bpm changes. Pretty typical layering.

Yeah Yeah Beats:
hasn't been added yet

subscribers only

Tribe Attacker:
hasn't been added yet

my current tier points list
Posted on: October 11, 2008, at 04:31:51pm   [1 comment]
Tier Points: 433 (433 + 0 for 129 AAAs)

6/6 - K8107 - AAA*
6/6 - Lawn Wake IV - 1 or fewer
5/5 - Tougenkyou -H.E.Remix- - 1 or fewer
5/5 - Ascii Art Core - AAA*
5/5 - Over the Rave - AAA
5/5 - Adult's Sketchbook - AAA
5/5 - lolharp5000 - 1 or fewer
5/5 - {Midnight} - AAA
5/5 - Kakke Ecko - AAA
5/5 - Aztec Templing (Techno-Titlan mix) - AAA
5/5 - R176 - AAA*
5/5 - Air - AAA
5/5 - {Frozen} - AAA
5/5 - Splash Beats - AAA
5/5 - Legend - AAA
4/4 - Dazzling Destiny - AAA
7/8 - BB Revenge - 5 or fewer
6/7 - Hajnal - 4 or fewer
6/7 - Epidermis - 2 or fewer
6/7 - HELLBEAT - 2 or fewer
5/6 - Xeno-Flow - 5 or fewer
5/6 - M.A.M.A. - 5 or fewer
5/6 - Lawn Wake I (LW EP Edit) - 5 or fewer
5/6 - Novo Mundo - 5 or fewer
5/6 - X-Tinction - 3 or fewer
5/6 - Choprite - 4 or fewer
5/6 - The Divine Suicide of K [Heavy] - 8 or fewer*
5/6 - Melonman's OP - 4 or fewer
5/6 - Kyuin - 3 or fewer
5/6 - Nova Pulser - 2 or fewer
5/6 - Silence - 3 or fewer
5/6 - Going On Spring Wind - 3 or fewer
4/5 - Pwntendo - 5 or fewer
4/5 - L9 - 4 or fewer
4/5 - Lunar Saturation - 5 or fewer
4/5 - Chlorophyll - 4 or fewer
4/5 - Love Coloured Master Spark (LUV2 Remix) - 4 or fewer
4/5 - Cosmic Orchestra - 4 or fewer
4/5 - Otaku Speedvibe [Heavy] - 3 or fewer
4/5 - Szamar Madar - 3 or fewer
4/5 - Sympathizer - 5 or fewer
4/5 - Vertex BETA - 5 or fewer
4/5 - UNknown Girl - 3 or fewer
4/5 - Pretty Green Onions - 5 or fewer
4/5 - Classical Insanity - 3 or fewer
4/5 - KlungKung 2004 - 5 or fewer
4/5 - End Night - 4 or fewer
4/5 - Balloon Fever - 5 or fewer
5/7 - Mario Minor - 15 or fewer
5/7 - Setsujou! Hyakka Ryouran! - 12 or fewer
5/7 - For FFR - 7 or fewer
5/7 - Final Fantasy Last Battle Festival - 20 or fewer
5/7 - Gaussian Blur - 12 or fewer
5/7 - Otaku Speedvibe [Oni] - 15 or fewer
5/7 - Caprice - 12 or fewer
5/7 - BB Evolution - 12 or fewer
5/7 - Rottel-da-station - Single Digit Good
5/7 - Exciting Hyper Highspeed Star - Single Digit Good
5/7 - RunnyMorning (SGX MIX) - 15 or fewer
4/6 - Hero's Theme (w.i.p.) - 8 or fewer
4/6 - Final Step - Single Digit Good
4/6 - Southern Cross - Single Digit Good
4/6 - None Would Escape - Single Digit Good
4/6 - PLANETZ - Single Digit Good
4/6 - The Games We Played, Part 3 - Single Digit Good
4/6 - The Games We Played, Part 1 - Single Digit Good
4/6 - Jelly Roll Blues - Single Digit Good
3/5 - Garyuutensei - 15 or fewer
3/5 - Shanghai Girl of Meiji 17 - 15 or fewer
3/5 - Monstrous Turtles! - Single Digit Good
6/9 - Eclipse (Solar) - 150 or fewer
6/9 - Ketsarku Mozgalom - 20 or fewer
6/9 - Blue Rose - 60 or fewer
6/9 - Electro Rush x8 v2 - 40 or fewer
6/9 - Molto Vivace - 50 or fewer
5/8 - 4 Chord Touhou - 30 or fewer
5/8 - Big Blue - 25 or fewer
5/8 - Eradication - 15 or fewer
5/8 - Blooddrunk [Heavy] - 50 or fewer
5/8 - Frictional Nevada - 50 or fewer
5/8 - Piano Etude (Demon Fire) - 25 or fewer
5/8 - The Adventures Of Lolo - 20 or fewer
4/7 - Strangeprogram - 20 or fewer
3/6 - Turkish March - 25 or fewer
4/8 - Reality - 60 or fewer
4/8 - Piano Etude (Gymnastics) - Full Combo
3/7 - AIM Anthem - 50 or fewer
3/7 - Flight of the Bumblebee - 50 or fewer
4/9 - One Minute Waltz - 1,400,000 or higher
4/9 - Revolutionary Etude - 1,800,000 or higher
4/9 - Crowdpleaser - 1,410,000 or higher
2/7 - Club - Full Combo
3/9 - Grand Galop Chromatique - 2,500,000 or higher
2/9 - Death Piano - 1,400,000 or higher
2/9 - Pants - 3,000,000 or higher
0/5 - Love Cheat! - Requirements
0/5 - Judgment Days - Requirements
0/5 - Gaussian Blur 2 - Requirements
0/6 - Blue Army - Requirements
0/6 - Midnight Dragon - Requirements

Don't know how to make a simfile?
Posted on: August 24, 2006, at 03:21:03am   [0 comments]

http://www.flash vbz/showthread.php?t =48587

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