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ʕ͡ᴥʔ Bears ʕ͡ᴥʔ
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I'm DJ. I like Bears.
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HoodedRaccoon writes at 8:33:40pm on 1/27/13
Hypno Cat
HoodedRaccoon writes at 6:49:26pm on 1/27/13
Gumby the Cat King
Figlar20k writes at 10:19:40pm on 1/26/13
Lonewolf!!!! I have faith in you dude whore Fire and get past round 1. I want to see you in at least round 3!
HoodedRaccoon writes at 4:21:04pm on 1/26/13
Which would be what?
HoodedRaccoon writes at 5:42:00am on 1/26/13
HoodedRaccoon writes at 1:01:06pm on 1/25/13
you won a few
HoodedRaccoon writes at 5:53:26pm on 1/24/13
skyped that bitch
HoodedRaccoon writes at 5:48:36pm on 1/24/13
for wallpaper?
HoodedRaccoon writes at 5:15:36pm on 1/24/13
HoodedRaccoon writes at 1:17:36pm on 1/24/13
find one and ill bring it up to the council of white