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Joe D

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About me:
They call me Joe, Im 18 and currently studying Microbiology
I like to learn, sing and play piano
Fav Music:
post-hardcore is best preferred but I listen to all type of music
Fav Movies:
Any comedy and scary movies
Member for: 13.55 years
Gaming Region:USA - New England
Location:Hatillo, Puerto Rico
Last Activity:03-28-2020
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SICKOVENOMOUS writes at 8:22:23am on 5/22/18
bless meh with ya spungy memes dawg
kckagawa writes at 11:01:35pm on 2/18/14
Charlo writes at 7:28:50am on 2/18/14
Yeah, I'm still stepping, in fact, I just released a new file two days ago. Hope you get back to it someday!
SulferDragon writes at 3:33:02pm on 2/16/14
Shouldn't you have them already? Why would you delete them lol? :P
N.T.M. writes at 2:19:00pm on 2/12/13
Hey, man. What's up? Just wanted to stop by and say hello. I'm finally back on FFR. :D And to answer the question you asked me a few years ago, you're never bothering me with IMs. If I don't respond it's because I missed the prompt.
SulferDragon writes at 11:26:51pm on 11/20/12
Just how many different versions of Gangnam Style will it have?!
Dandin26 writes at 5:22:55pm on 10/18/12
spongebob <3
SavannaGurl writes at 2:45:01pm on 8/18/12
Woe,is Me is good too(:
SavannaGurl writes at 12:51:19pm on 8/17/12
Hell yes! I just discovered them recently and haven't heard a lot of their songs but I do love them(:
SavannaGurl writes at 4:30:37pm on 8/14/12
Thanks for the add(: love ur profile btw :P