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Playing just over 4 years now. I may have started on FFR but now I am a hardcore Stepmania spread player. eh.. I haven't played in a few months damn you minecraft..
Deep shit
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DnB, liquid trance, Netsky, Rusko, Benny Banessy, Type O Negative, Dream Theater, Genesis, etc.
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Stepmania - Extreme Z4 [Oni]
Posted on: September 26, 2011, at 09:18:05am   [0 comments]

This file can be found in [Nuclear Blast JS Awesome Bomb Filez 3]

Posted on: September 12, 2011, at 09:16:15am   [0 comments]
Looks like I got the FFR syndrome. Too much Stepmania and zero FFR for so long has rendered me unable to play FFR anymore. Now everytime I try to play FFR it just looks so retardedly choppy and such an inferior gaming engine.

There goes my punching bag..
Posted on: May 10, 2011, at 08:14:55pm   [7 comments]
I kicked it waaaay too hard =<


This ones better..
Posted on: May 5, 2011, at 06:23:16pm   [0 comments]

Ripcord by the Flashbulb
8 greats, 1 good..

Return of Salieri - My first vid in like 2 years..
Posted on: May 5, 2011, at 11:30:41am   [0 comments]

I think I've improved quite a bit =3
also, I haven't played in like a week here, so I know I could do better =/

Comment wall
mRpREggERs writes...
at 7:54:00am on 5/7/13
we mp'd several years ago lol how's it going
zephix writes...
at 10:21:09pm on 12/15/12
Jerry DB writes...
at 5:34:48pm on 5/20/12
yea if I tried SM ever since I don't play it I would do terrible because of all the holds and everything. I'm pretty sure I would be able to pick up on m.a. pretty fast because I'm already getting to the point where I know when I hit the middle, early or late perfect frame
Jerry DB writes...
at 11:15:15am on 4/21/12
yea man my computor broke and the site went down and after all that I was terrible. Just started trying to get better again in november when I couldn't even aaa 6's lol. You probably got way better if you have been playing sm
iSymbols writes...
at 8:32:51pm on 9/26/11
oh ya dude we will. my number is 207-578-8140 give me a call sometime
iSymbols writes...
at 2:33:10pm on 9/24/11
oh sweet dude! live is good just got a job at ll beans and i worked all summer as a flagger. still looking for a girl though :( thats good about kstie she is the perfect chick for you. I hope to find one soon. Gl with school. im trying to come visit soon
iSymbols writes...
at 5:27:03am on 9/20/11
nothing i live in maine now! wanted to say hey. Whats up with you ?
iSymbols writes...
at 5:20:45am on 9/20/11
hey bro how do i change my speed i cant seem to do it
iSymbols writes...
at 8:00:42pm on 9/14/11
add me to friends its josh weldon
sakura080789 writes...
at 1:35:53pm on 5/6/11
yeah np you got skills you should start posting your scores in the SM Scores thread for comparison to other pro players
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