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Comment wall
Dynam0 writes at 1:56:11pm on 7/22/21
I see you finally AAA'd flight of the bumblebee...took ya long enough XD
Aquellex writes at 11:25:37am on 7/7/18
MarioNintendo writes at 9:55:56pm on 3/2/15
no really, I'm curious... what's mn? why is it so cold?
L.B.D.D writes at 11:51:38pm on 10/21/13
love from the internet
hope to hear from you soon
clasko1000 writes at 12:26:29pm on 9/25/13
I see you stopped by a few days ago, hope you play again.
MarioNintendo writes at 4:32:48pm on 9/17/12
your custom user title... is it referring to me!?
clasko1000 writes at 1:15:56pm on 4/22/12
IMO, you are the best, I Still remember seeing you with the most AAA's over shash with only like 130.
hi19hi19 writes at 3:07:21pm on 4/11/12
hi dude
popsicle_3000 writes at 10:46:24pm on 4/3/12
hey man! you dont know me but i remember seeing your profile way way back in the day before i was ever active on the forums. (like 05-6).
welcome back!
Jerry DB writes at 12:05:49am on 4/3/12
missflag on reality ><