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Posted on: October 17, 2022, at 05:32:55am   [5 comments]

don't make boolean files or i'll stab you
Posted on: August 7, 2022, at 01:15:49am   [0 comments]
that's it.

see you next file that actually has higher difficulty that can be quadded that isn't going to make me angy
Posted on: March 9, 2022, at 05:26:23am   [0 comments]
Just taking notes on some scores that I find it to be pretty good for myself. Nothing else much to note whatsoever.

Songs - Marv:Perf [Total Notecount]:
Change Yourself (Heavy) - 1501:37 [1538]
What's Your PR.Ice? - 1359:4 [1363]
Entrance - 1080:14 [1094]
Manhattan Lover - 1113:20 [1133]
Catalinesie - 1506:77 [1583]
Growmeter - 1299:18 [1317]
super sour - 869:20 [889]
Alive - 1004:14 [1018]
one of none - 1440:70 [1510]
Posted on: July 6, 2021, at 07:59:35am   [2 comments]
placeholder shark

feed me good files or I'll stab you

Round 1 : Exam Cram [Oni] (Pizza69) - 8-0-0-0

On preview the file doesn't look contagious to play; so looking forward on playing it. More competitive players this time around so I'll try my best to plow through the files.

Edit : stab pizza

Round 2 : The Bird's Snapshot Lifespan (Matthia) - 2-0-0-1

Looks pretty tame, but at least this is my stronger skillset to shine a bit more than streams. Shark can't even stream 304bpm which is depressing.

Edit : Pretty cool file, can certainly AAA it. Not in the mood to retry it more than 3 times though.

Round 3 : Zen'on (AutotelicBrown) - 13-0-1-1 (16g FC*)

I like this file a lot, but this might be the point where I'll get eliminated since the remaining players are really good at maintaining lower good count. Maybe I'll try again, but I still think I'm quite satisfied with this score since it's not easy to deal the rapid jumpjacks before the outro.

Yep, at this point in time I'm eliminated, but I'll still try to set scores on the later rounds.

===========================shark drowned===========================

Round 4 : Brute Force (Xonica & klimtkiller)

Everything's going great from these chordjacks at the intro until the stream kicks in. Have no idea with those coloured mess so I think I'm glad I was eliminated...?
Posted on: November 6, 2020, at 03:11:43am   [0 comments]
Decided to give it a go at last. Getting the feel on some tournament files so hopefully this shouldn't be too bad to get used to it.

Round 1 : INSANE INFLAME (DarkZtar) - BF (1-0-0-0)

Starting off with probably my cursed run in the tournament. I have no idea how I got a random good everytime I played this file. Absolutely not a good start for the tournament, but thankfully it's still safe. Onto Round 2...

Round 2 : Pictured as Perfect (Pizza69) - SDG (2-0-0-0)

Can't say I like or hate this file. This file is weird and maybe I'm just pretty bad at doing intro in particular. Had to use Mirror on this since I can't hit the wall on the left hand, so hopefully this score is sufficient enough.

Round 3 : Finding Her Not (Deamerai) - SDG (2-0-0-0) (first FC record : 31-5-0-0)

This file is super weird man what???????????????????????? I have no clue why am I being slammed with the burst transitions, and I will have to fight my way in to SDG at least. There's no way I'm advancing with this old score.

edit : okay this is stressful to grind, I don't want to experience those quirky bursts in that file lmao

Round 4 : Odd-22 (choof) - SDG (6-0-0-0) (first FC record : 13-1-0-1)

This might be the round that I am never going to be safe. What's even worse is that this file is going to exploit my weakness, which is anchored jumpstream and lots of unorthodox bursts in-between. Oh boy.

edit : still won't be safe with this FC score that I settled, so as it stands - needs some more work.

edit 2 : okay I finally settled in with 6g run, which is a lot better, but I think I can reduce it down to 3 because the walls are stupid.

Round 5 : !!!Chaos Time!!! (Uncut Ed!t!on) (xXOpkillerXx & samurai7694) - 12-0-1-1 (previous run : 20-4-2-1)

Same deal as Round 4. Files are starting to get harder and harder, and I find this one the most boring of the bunch. I already had an SDG FC in the past, might try to recreate that in the future, but as of now - I don't think I have that incentive to grind it anymore. This round's getting more dull.

edit : looking at the leaderboards, I don't think people are keen to grind this either, so I took another try to get an even higher spot. So I think this is more than enough to be safe.

Round 6 : Powerflux (Gammablaster) - 20-3-4-2

Looks like this is it. I think this file targets one of my core weaknesses, and that is prolonged jumpstream/handstream at high bpm (250+ range), so this might be the end of my line. But I think this is a fine score, and I won't complain if I got eliminated here. Everyone seems to be robust when it comes to this file, so we'll see what happens.

Round 7 : Fury (Pizza69) - 32-1-2-2

God this is a lot more stressful round since I don't have a good personal best before this file was announced. Getting into it the first few hours and it's not really pleasant and was settled with 52-0-10-6. I improved a lot after a couple of days when I derusted my stamina in osu!mania, so this run is pretty cool. If I got eliminated in this round, I wouldn't be mad at all. This file is like walking through a minefield with a lot of carry on your back.

Round 8 : Gamma Stop Sending Me Ratchet and Clank Videos to Sample (Shxfted) - 50-0-8-4

Looks like we're here. Out of the 8 rounds, this is my favourite file of the bunch because I played the hell out of it in osu!mania so I'm very familiar with it. But again, FFR makes this file a different experience because of the 1-framer jacks and many more awkward patterns, but this is still very fun. Also a nice file to end the tournament with.
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