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D8 OT13.5?
Posted on: November 6, 2020, at 03:11:43am

Decided to give it a go at last. Getting the feel on some tournament files so hopefully this shouldn't be too bad to get used to it.

Round 1 : INSANE INFLAME (DarkZtar) - BF (1-0-0-0)

Starting off with probably my cursed run in the tournament. I have no idea how I got a random good everytime I played this file. Absolutely not a good start for the tournament, but thankfully it's still safe. Onto Round 2...

Round 2 : Pictured as Perfect (Pizza69) - SDG (2-0-0-0)

Can't say I like or hate this file. This file is weird and maybe I'm just pretty bad at doing intro in particular. Had to use Mirror on this since I can't hit the wall on the left hand, so hopefully this score is sufficient enough.

Round 3 : Finding Her Not (Deamerai) - SDG (2-0-0-0) (first FC record : 31-5-0-0)

This file is super weird man what???????????????????????? I have no clue why am I being slammed with the burst transitions, and I will have to fight my way in to SDG at least. There's no way I'm advancing with this old score.

edit : okay this is stressful to grind, I don't want to experience those quirky bursts in that file lmao

Round 4 : Odd-22 (choof) - SDG (6-0-0-0) (first FC record : 13-1-0-1)

This might be the round that I am never going to be safe. What's even worse is that this file is going to exploit my weakness, which is anchored jumpstream and lots of unorthodox bursts in-between. Oh boy.

edit : still won't be safe with this FC score that I settled, so as it stands - needs some more work.

edit 2 : okay I finally settled in with 6g run, which is a lot better, but I think I can reduce it down to 3 because the walls are stupid.

Round 5 : !!!Chaos Time!!! (Uncut Ed!t!on) (xXOpkillerXx & samurai7694) - 12-0-1-1 (previous run : 20-4-2-1)

Same deal as Round 4. Files are starting to get harder and harder, and I find this one the most boring of the bunch. I already had an SDG FC in the past, might try to recreate that in the future, but as of now - I don't think I have that incentive to grind it anymore. This round's getting more dull.

edit : looking at the leaderboards, I don't think people are keen to grind this either, so I took another try to get an even higher spot. So I think this is more than enough to be safe.

Round 6 : Powerflux (Gammablaster) - 20-3-4-2

Looks like this is it. I think this file targets one of my core weaknesses, and that is prolonged jumpstream/handstream at high bpm (250+ range), so this might be the end of my line. But I think this is a fine score, and I won't complain if I got eliminated here. Everyone seems to be robust when it comes to this file, so we'll see what happens.

Round 7 : Fury (Pizza69) - 32-1-2-2

God this is a lot more stressful round since I don't have a good personal best before this file was announced. Getting into it the first few hours and it's not really pleasant and was settled with 52-0-10-6. I improved a lot after a couple of days when I derusted my stamina in osu!mania, so this run is pretty cool. If I got eliminated in this round, I wouldn't be mad at all. This file is like walking through a minefield with a lot of carry on your back.

Round 8 : Gamma Stop Sending Me Ratchet and Clank Videos to Sample (Shxfted) - 50-0-8-4

Looks like we're here. Out of the 8 rounds, this is my favourite file of the bunch because I played the hell out of it in osu!mania so I'm very familiar with it. But again, FFR makes this file a different experience because of the 1-framer jacks and many more awkward patterns, but this is still very fun. Also a nice file to end the tournament with.