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Hello! My unwanted name is Chris. I was born in 1984 and got my first gaming console, a "Nintendo_NES"@ the age of 3. I was a huge into strategy games for the most part "Zelda"_"Final Fantasy" etc. I was a console gamer until Blizzard launched "Warcraft"! Great game instantly addicted but with their quick release of WC2_Reign of Chaos/The Frozen Throne, I knew I would probably never touch my console again... and haven't in 11 years LuLz!...But after playing WoW for 6 years... I ended up with this NICKNAME †DRU†, hence I played a Druid_Main Tank!! I am your average/competitive gamer, who really enjoy's meeting new people around the world who also enjoy and share my passion for gaming!
Women,Lifting Weights,Cars, Work,Money,Online Games like Planet Side 2 Star Craft 2. I used to play World of Warcraft for 5 years! Hmm...what else? Watching some old_school, stand-up's staring my favorite comic's like...Bill.CosbyRichard.PryorRobin.WilliamsBernie.MackJim.CareyGeorge.LopezDavid.Spade and my favorite's George.Carlin and Lexis.Black! Here are the younger comic's I like! favorite-to date! Dane Cook Dave Chappelle,Dana Carvey Eddie Griffin,Martin Lawrence,Michael Blackson, the list goes on forever. I really enjoy building custom gaming computers, pretty much anything and everything that involves "Automobiles" in general. Aftermarket Modification's are always fun, Weather it be Engine Builds,Suspension,Aerodynamic's Sound Systems,Interior Fabrication etc. and a bunch of other shit that is really not necessary to list...Kinda like a lot of the shit I just added!
Fav Music:
SLAYER,1984-1996 Metallica, Iron Maiden,Green Day, Megadeath,White Zombie,Pearl Jam,Led Zepplin,Matchbox 20, Bush,Five Finger Death Punch,Atreyu,Avenge Seven Fold,Slipknot,Evanesence,Brotha Lynch Hung,TuPac,Biggie, Eminem,Three"6"Mafia,Project Pat,Too Short,Immortal Technique,Bone Thugs,Zomboy, Noisia,Skrillex. Beat Boxers like,Skiller,Eklips,David Crowe,Daichi,Felix Zenger,Alem, and my favorite REEPS ONE!! Ok, really don't wanna sit here and list them all so.....NO!
Fav Movies:
Too many to list by name so I will do Genres.... Comedy,Action, Horror, that a genre? IDK...but also don't care!
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Deidara837 writes...
at 1:24:22am on 11/1/13
Good luck with the D2 song. It's been amusing stalking the streams. :)
Tim Allen writes...
at 2:00:10pm on 9/3/13
i'd say stick with this avatar.. whenever i see it i immediately know it's you
Staiain writes...
at 10:04:57am on 8/8/13
Play and have fun, that's the "secret"
Staiain writes...
at 12:11:00am on 8/8/13
haha thanks :>
Godnick writes...
at 12:32:10am on 7/7/13

Wow you got the pianocore token? Awesome job! DDR's great. Had some good times with those games, sm's great for those, and playing them in the arcade, even better after playing them on sm. Nice goals! Your off to a great start, keep practicing and working at that, and those goals will all happen. The more you play, the better the fingers obey, haha.
Godnick writes...
at 2:47:37am on 7/6/13
Thank you very much, though a lot of these songs I've already aaa'd before having my stats reset, so a lot of them are really easy songs I've just now gotten back to. Thanks for the add man :D You seem pretty cool. Your doing pretty good for only being a member for 0.58 years too.
XhaosZermax writes...
at 3:25:50pm on 7/3/13
Saw that you like Beatboxers!!! I love reeps one, and my self have been trying his ways.
jarsh writes...
at 7:02:16pm on 6/28/13
That's a great music list you have.
csx5287 writes...
at 2:21:40am on 6/25/13
In the name of God impure souls of the living dead shall be banished into eternal damnation, Amen.
The Bird of the Hermes is my name, eating my wings to make me tame.
I am a huge Hellsing fan myself. Nice profile. :)
TC_Halogen writes...
at 12:50:23am on 6/22/13
That would be a fantastic idea if it weren't for the fact that I'm trying to move around my work schedule :(
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