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Sanjixcon writes at 2:30:15pm on 5/29/19
haha i just play a lot xD also etterna really helps.
gl in the rest of the tourney :D
sweetie3121 writes at 4:32:57pm on 1/1/19
samurai7694 writes at 6:15:41pm on 4/24/13
no problem! as for stepmania packs:
I highly recommend everything off of the Major Simfile Packs and FFR Seasonal Packs as they are for building up accuracy and have it's few share of hard songs too. If you want to improve speed and stamina, download the midare packs and if you want "impossible" challenges then download the Mina packs. download stuff like Light Chancellor, Xoon packs, and the FFR community packs. AAA scores look much better than mash-passes on hard songs.