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Sup? Name's Alex but call me CrittR. I only play FFR for the fun not to prove i'm better or worse. i love yet hate you all :) meaning i love my friends and hate people that are mean to me, everyone else is considered a friend till you show otherwise ^_^
WEEEEEEEEED,RuneScape,FFR,S4 League,Women, ALL naturaaal kush ^_^
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Anything I find good.
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Too many...
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Posted on: April 27, 2012, at 03:08:29am   [0 comments]
Posted on: April 27, 2012, at 02:34:45am   [2 comments]
sooo yeah i don't get on here much anymore and its not like anyone cares, i know, but thought i'd atleast explain why.

my laptop decided to quit on me and now i don't have my own comp so its hard to just use other people's comps to play this and the one i'm using at the moment lags too much in ffr to do as good as i should so i can't even get fc's thanks to it.

i'm one of those people that no one really gives a damn about so i know no one's gonna read this. no i'm not being emo i'm just telling it how it is. have a nice day/night, whatever it is when you read this if you even do. peace peeps.
Posted on: June 16, 2011, at 04:43:05am   [2 comments]
4:42am June 16TH, 2011. AAA no salt. 7TH on leaderboard
4:54am June 16TH, 2011. AAA Fatum anima. 6TH on leaderboard
Posted on: April 9, 2011, at 09:43:38pm   [0 comments]
wow, for an eroge, that was a pretty epic game o_o
Posted on: March 16, 2011, at 05:32:39am   [2 comments]
ugh... my dad made me get a hair cut so now i have a flattop x_x i lost all meh hair D:
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HugzandKisses writes at 8:50:29pm on 1/6/17
wow i just noticed we talked alot
HugzandKisses writes at 5:43:05pm on 11/29/16
super late reply but sup lol
HugzandKisses writes at 6:37:31am on 2/4/13
Haha dOn't worry if we play together you'll feel better :P ahaha
HugzandKisses writes at 7:03:10pm on 2/1/13
Haha well you're probably still better than me though :p I have made no improvement
HugzandKisses writes at 7:35:50pm on 1/23/13
Haha hey :) Nm im studying for something lol what about you? :)
HugzandKisses writes at 5:35:10am on 10/26/12
Oh mkaay :) goodnight
HugzandKisses writes at 5:00:55am on 10/26/12
Aw, haha that sucks :/ i use my iPod to go on haha
HugzandKisses writes at 7:35:13am on 9/3/12
Ah lol, you should come on more often :)
HugzandKisses writes at 6:51:04am on 6/21/12
:O remember me right? Haha ;p
Lidkid25 writes at 7:07:52pm on 6/6/12
I love your profile pic!