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Posted on: February 19, 2013, at 10:04:46am   [6 comments]
I plan on losing weight again. Me and another member of the FFR community have a little bet going to see who can get there first.

Current Weight: 242 lbs

Goal Weight: 225 lbs

Week 1: [Day 1] WTF did I do this day...

Week 1: [Day 2] I have dropped 2 pounds! Woot. I have also taken some advice from ElRayford and started doing push-ups. It's tough but I'm sure with my own will, and others support, that I can do this.

Week 1: [Day 3] So went for my run today. Felt really good. Still getting over some muscle pain from when I worked-out too hard with a friend. Push-ups are also looking up. Maxed 7 at the end of my set. Felt like a beast. :D Anyways here is my weight, it will fluctuate so, don't get onto me about it going up or down 1 or 2 pounds.
Weight: 241
Push-Ups Total=19 Max=7

Week 1: [Day 4] Lazy day today. Spent it getting "Photoshop CS 6" and fixing stuff around the house.

Week 1: [Day 5] Got to working out today. Started sit-ups(crunches actually) as well. Maxed out 8 push-ups. \o/ Did 19 sit-ups.
Push-Ups Total=24 Max=8

Week 1: [Day 6] Man...that run really suprised me. I was able to make it to the half-way point and back a little ways without stopping. Then I jogged the rest of the way back after quick breather(I was walking of course). Did push-ups, sit-ups/crunches, and squats.
Push-Ups Total=15 Max=6

Wish me luck all!

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Preg Jr writes...
at 11:32:58pm on 12/28/13
Favorite Colour:
Notable Score: (Can be a best AAA, or a score you're proud of. Either is fine.)
Key Setup / Play Style:
Speed Mod:
fill that out on the quick reply all the way at the bottom of the thread.
SallowKnight writes...
at 12:33:26am on 12/24/13
What you talking about Philis? I get on every night?
Toccy writes...
at 8:26:19pm on 12/20/13
Way to show up for a day and then leave us.
Tim Allen writes...
at 5:52:53pm on 11/14/13
SallowKnight writes...
at 5:35:47pm on 10/24/13
CDCan writes...
at 2:37:35pm on 8/20/13
are you alive
beary605 writes...
at 12:21:44am on 7/27/13
Congrats on getting the blue name man :)
Toxophilis writes...
at 9:33:36am on 7/25/13
I swear you were already a vet
SallowKnight writes...
at 10:43:28pm on 7/24/13
clasko1000 writes...
at 10:06:22am on 7/24/13
Oh shit, hes vet
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