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28, software engineer, amateur pianist. I was a casual rhythm game player years ago and in November of 2021 decided to play FFR seriously. FFR is my main game but I also play Etterna ( I have accounts on Osu! and Quaver too but I'm not active there.
Social Sciences, Computer Science, Reading, Home Improvement
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Classical (all eras and formats, but especially Romantic-era piano music) Metal, prog rock, EDM or jazz when the mood strikes
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Random Thoughts
Posted on: July 5, 2022, at 09:20:00am   [0 comments]

The jacks are fun but I'm having trouble with the bursty sections. I ended up with 5-0-0-5 and I would like to improve it but I've run into a few setbacks.

First of all my keyboard has developed a major double tapping problem, which is the reason for at least some of those 5 boos. It's a hotswap keyboard so I tried moving some switches around but it didn't fix the problem. I ordered some new switches so hopefully we'll see better results.

On Sunday I was pushing hard on some 90+ files and my right wrist started to hurt. Yesterday I spent most of my time working on lower levels and felt fine, but when I moved up into the FGO range I started feeling twinges of pain again. Looks like I need to take it easy for a while. I don't know whether this is something I can sleep off and be fine for next round or whether this is a persistent injury.

Edit: last few days my wrist has been feeling better so I'm hoping there's no problems from here although I'm still not pushing too hard. I got the score down to 2-0-1-2 which was more than safe.

R2: Janus

So far I have not even been able to SDG this. Swing rhythms are not my thing and the glut section around 1050 is also giving me trouble.

FFR Goals
Posted on: February 26, 2022, at 10:43:03am   [0 comments]
Skill Rating:

Division 4: 12/18/21
Division 5: 2/13/22
Skill rating in top 1000: 3/31/22
Division 6: 5/22/22
Skill rating in top 500: 9/17/22

Average Rank:

Average Rank below 2000: 4/6/22
Average Rank below 1000: 6/6/22
Average Rank below 500: 8/1/22
Average Rank below 400: 9/19/22
Average Rank below 300: 9/22/22
Average Rank below 200: 10/10/22
Average Rank below 100: 10/16/22
Average Rank below 50: 12/18/22

Tier Points:

Tier 1: 2/25/22
Tier 2: 4/22/22
Tier 3: 7/16/22
Tier 4: 10/20/22


200 AAAs: 3/12/22
300 AAAs: 3/28/22
400 AAAs: 4/5/22
500 AAAs: 4/11/22
600 AAAs: 5/6/22
700 AAAs: 5/29/22
800 AAAs: 6/5/22
900 AAAs: 6/13/22
1000 AAAs: 6/24/22
1100 AAAs: 7/5/22
1200 AAAs: 7/28/22
1300 AAAs: 8/8/22
1400 AAAs: 9/24/22
1500 AAAs: 10/3/22
1600 AAAs: 10/13/22
1700 AAAs: 10/20/22
1800 AAAs: 11/16/22
1900 AAAs: 12/28/22


Otaku Speedvibe [Heavy]: 11/30/21
St. Scarhand [Standard]: 1/1/22
Otaku Speedvibe [Oni]: 3/12/22

Top 15:

Top 15 all 70+: 2/26/22
Top 15 all 75+: 3/29/22
Top 15 all 80+: 5/12/22
Top 15 all 85+: 9/6/22

Top 100:

Top 100 all 65+: 3/1/22
Top 100 all 70+: 3/28/22
Top 100 all 75+: 5/14/22
top 100 all 80+: 8/20/22


Get a stepfile accepted in FFR: 10/25/22
1000 Full Combos: 4/5/22
Quickdraw unlock (50% full combo): 5/23/22
Token Whore unlock: 6/4/22
Here We Go unlock (1500 full combos): 6/10/22
2000 full combos: 9/16/22

Comment wall
SK8R43 writes...
at 10:47:19am on 12/21/22
Damn, nice Ebony & Ivory Heavy unlock!! Saw it on the home screen! That one is so tough.
SK8R43 writes...
at 2:53:30pm on 10/20/22
and tier 4!!!
SK8R43 writes...
at 11:25:27am on 10/20/22
Nice job on 1700 aaas!
SK8R43 writes...
at 1:44:18pm on 9/6/22
25 billion!!!! Halfway to vROFL. :P
FlynnMac writes...
at 6:14:17pm on 8/28/22
Just wanted to let you know you won an event token you have yet to claim through the revenge of the lost event.
Skayles writes...
at 3:03:11pm on 5/26/22
Huge congrats on D6, been on the cusp for a while!
Also 2nd 2nd post on your wall lmao
FlynnMac writes...
at 1:19:04pm on 5/22/22
Huge congrats on D6, been on the cusp for a while!
Also 2nd post on your wall lmao
Synthlight writes...
at 11:31:00am on 11/14/21
First person to post on your wall.