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Default Songs of the Week 07/08/2022

Hello and welcome to another Song of the Week release for July, with the second round of the 15th Official Tournament!

The new files we have for you this week from the Official Tournament are:

Last Summer
Musician: Tokyo Machine & Weird Genius ft. Lights
Step Artist: Psychotik
Song Length: 2:49
Song Style: EDM
Difficulty: 21
Arrow Count: 674

Musician: Toby Fox
Step Artist: Ultimate Mike7
Song Length: 2:28
Song Style: Game Music
Difficulty: 52
Arrow Count: 1030

One Big Beautiful Sound [Explicit]
Musician: Johnny Manchild and the Poor Bastards
Step Artist: Pizza69
Song Length: 3:28
Song Style: Big Band Jazz
Difficulty: 60
Arrow Count: 1174

Musician: Yunosuke
Step Artist: WirryWoo
Song Length: 2:31
Song Style: Hi-Tech
Difficulty: 70
Arrow Count: 1382

Musician: COMPOSER 3
Step Artist: gold stinger
Song Length: 2:13
Song Style: Jazz Funk Fusion
Difficulty: 86
Arrow Count: 1586

Musician: Seo
Step Artist: Skayles
Song Length: 2:28
Song Style: Psychip DnB
Difficulty: 91
Arrow Count: 1820

UR+ MusicEater LV99
Musician: LeaF
Step Artist: Psychotik
Song Length: 3:16
Song Style: Breakcore
Difficulty: 101
Arrow Count: 3019

There is also an extra song release to go along with the D2-D8 stepcharts.

Musician: kanone
Step Artist: Psychotik
Song Length: 2:15
Song Style: Hi-NRG Tech Trance
Difficulty: 80
Arrow Count: 1558

Originally Posted by hi19hi19 View Post
oh boy, it's STIFF, I'll stretch before I sit down at the computer so not I'm not as STIFF next time I step a file

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Default Re: Songs of the Week 07/08/2022

I would like to take this moment to complain that UR+ MusicEater LV99 is not infact a 99 difficulty file.

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I have beat my meat to storn's posts no less than four times

Originally Posted by ShadoWolfe View Post

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Default Re: Songs of the Week 07/08/2022

Psychotik is pretty good at what he does.
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Default Re: Songs of the Week 07/08/2022

Glad to provide both the easiest and hardest songs this week.
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Default Re: Songs of the Week 07/08/2022

Originally Posted by Psychotik View Post
Glad to provide both the easiest and hardest songs this week.
And the bonus file.

I attempted to slot in Cosmic Railroad, but there were too many good 80's to choose from, as everyone aimed for the 70-90 difficulty range.
Originally Posted by YoshL View Post

- Tosh 2014

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Default Re: Songs of the Week 07/08/2022

So many amazing files this week! One Big Beautiful Sound, GLAZ, and CO5M1C R4ILR0AD are my favorites.
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Default Re: Songs of the Week 07/08/2022

Excited to try some of these out. GLAZ is a must-play for sure outside of my division.
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Default Re: Songs of the Week 07/08/2022

Got a chance to play through all of the files:

Last Summer - Song is a bop (I really love it haha) and step chart wisely uses the cyan notes (even though I play with all white notes haha). We seriously need more content like this.

Dummy! - Great swing file. Overall it's a bit repetitive for my own liking, but it plays well and is a great file overall.

One Big Beautiful Sound [Explicit] - I love the speedup in this file and I love how unique this music is haha. Great work Pizza!

GLAZ - Not going to comment on my own file, but I genuinely appreciate all of the positive reviews that I received overall. My favorite comment was from bmah while watching previews with him in voice chat. He told me "You did a great job with showcasing your new stepping style in this file". This meant a lot to me because I am trying my best to always improve my stepping craft and I know I didn't do the greatest job with stepping pre-2020.

Janus - Great music. Those hands are cruel to me but the file is still very fun.

safe_state - Skayles, you honestly have been improving your stepping so much and I'm very happy for you . This is one of my favorites from you! Great work and great song choice. I'm personally blocked on two parts of the song, but I'll try my best to score the best I can on this round.

UR+ MusicEater LV99 - Probably my favorite Brutal chart in game so far. This file is a ton of fun despite how challenging it is for me. Seriously, great work Psychotik!

CO5M1C R4ILR0AD - This file is genius as well. I really love the chaos in the music and the steps themselves did justice in reflecting that. I really had a fun time playing it and I can see myself revisiting it again.

Overall, this release batch is definitely one of my favorites overall. Really liked all of the files and songs here. Seriously, great work all.
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Default Re: Songs of the Week 07/08/2022

Thank you for the appreciation Wilson! (and everyone else) ♡

safe_state was definitely something that felt like a challenge to step because of how much is going on in some sections, but I think this helped me learn more not just as a stepartist but more particularly having my own kind of flavor to my charts. I'm delighted that people are enjoying this, whether it's a struggle or not. (:

Originally Posted by ositzxz369 View Post

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Default Re: Songs of the Week 07/08/2022

summer, cosmic, and safe are all super lit

^FFP_D0pey btw
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Default Re: Songs of the Week 07/08/2022

Last Summer - Really nice song and chart. Really liked the non vocal areas the most.

Dummy! - Can't go wrong with Toby Fox, always enjoyable to listen to. Enjoyable chart to play along with it as well. It just only gets me nervous because it's swingy tho

One Big Beautiful Sound [Explicit] - Not exactly my cup of tea kind of music (vocal wise) but the instrumental part of it I liked. The speed up is a really memorable part of the song and makes me wish it just kept going haha. Found the steps for the song enjoyable ^^

GLAZ - Love this music and as always coming from Wilson, an enjoyable chart . The section around 900-ish combo with the jumpstream into 12th jumpgluts was my favourite part of the file, felt really nice to play but I also really like other parts as well a lot haha. The jacks are certainly scary for scoring wise tho with some of them being one hand transitions but it plays nicely to the song

Janus - Oh boy, D6 got it rough this round with this chart scoring wise haha. Personally I really like the song and chart there's a lot to enjoy about it actually. I enjoy playing it until about the uh.. heavy jack section later on tho somewhere between 1050-1180 notes and then that's where I get extremely tilted that that exists not to mention also the jumps/hands at the very end as well

safe_state - Immediately when I saw this in the preview stream I felt so doomed for round 2. Jacks galore including 3+ note jacks and some really awkward 32nd patterns towards the end, but I actually really like the song and appreciate the chart you made for it, Skayles, it's honestly really cool! Even tho it tilts the heck out of me to try and score on it for the OT it's something that I'd see myself playing for fun later on eventually when not wanting to worry about scoring on it haha. Well done

UR+ MusicEater LV99 - Well... Idk what to say about this one... I just can't really comprehend this difficulty lol. Cool song and chart I guess Idk I like the jumpstream sections

CO5M1C R4ILR0AD - This was my favourite release this week! Chart and song were an absolute banger. Awesome job on this one Psychotik.
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Default Re: Songs of the Week 07/08/2022

I went and played Dummy, and I have no genuine idea how anyone enjoys it. I actually think it's a bad file with little to a margin of error of structure, and it even misses notes, and has some bad case of the back and forths. It adds the percussion, ignores, emphasizes loud sounds then forgets it's doing it section by section.

I genuinely do not get this file, and I really like the song so I actually wish I did.

Originally Posted by FreezinIce View Post
he can be pretty abrasive sometimes
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