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Mikey, Mike. Former simfile author. Getting back into this after a 5 year hiatus. (2017 update) As of now I'm active and making files for submission.
Bass Guitar Listening to Music Writing Music Keyboard Smashing My job (Yes. That's right)
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let's do this by band ALPHABETICALLY Aerosmith Alice In Chains All That Remains Chimera Circus Maximus Devildriver Disturbed Dream Theater Finger Eleven Five Finger Death Punch Iron Maiden Judas Priest Kalmah King Crimson Linkin Park Mastodon Megadeth Metallica Nevermore Opth Pantera Queen Queensryche Rage Against The Machine Red Hot Chili Peppers Soundgarden Trivium Wintersun Yngwe Malmsteen ZZ Top
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Posted on: May 28, 2017, at 01:37:34am   [0 comments]
Since I'm back for good and stuff I'll put my WIP here to remind myself to work on files because I forget stuff a lot :P

Da ShadowGod Projekt (Restepping all my old files/new shit)
Aozora no Rhapsody (Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid OP)- Fhana [Stepping Stones 4 for sure]
Brave Warrior- Xi (WIP) [Might send in for FFR]
Determination- AKIMO (I stepped this for SMG Community Pack like 8 years ago or something... time for a revamp)
Gravestoned- Orange Dust (I cried knowing I stepped this... starting from scratch)
Kimi wo Mamoritai (Freezing ED)- Aika Kobayashi [Prolly for Stepping Stones 4
Morph Moth- Yuki Iwai (I'll make this way better)
The Last Battle- Xi (FFR Submission)
Ytse Jam- Yes... all of it- Dream Theater [For Destroy Erase Improve]
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Sky Kitten writes at 9:11:50pm on 7/9/17
Hey. I read your thread and I want to offer my condolences to you and your family. Always remain strong, and just know that your dad will always be with you in spirit. :)
Winrar writes at 9:57:38am on 6/4/17
Ayy another Toronto homie, we're you at AN by any chance?
SubaruPoptart writes at 11:00:32am on 5/26/17
Your music choices are friggin godly. Never knew anyone who liked most of the same bands I liked, let alone heard of over half of em XD
Celirra writes at 6:54:23pm on 5/10/17
Hey man you going to AN?
Also what part of Toronto you from? I grew up in East York, then eventually moved north to Stouffville (think Markham but a bit north)
AlexDest writes at 4:31:31am on 4/9/13
Any news on Buzzards?
icontrolyourworld writes at 1:26:03pm on 3/29/13
gl on your 9min song i'm doing a 9min song too :D
Sidek writes at 6:32:53pm on 3/25/13
mhmmmm ok :)your simfiles are really good i remember downloaded that file from bemanistyle before the shutdown :P
Sidek writes at 6:22:00pm on 3/25/13
i want the released file
Sidek writes at 3:07:44pm on 3/25/13
Sidek writes at 3:07:19pm on 3/25/13
blaze of nights plz :(