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I started playing Stepmania around 2008 and until 2012. I don't play actively anymore except for casual index play. My YouTube account is Zebulon Hollus. Also see my page on staiain wiki http://www.staiain.net/StepMania/smwiki/index.php/DossarLX I'll be on a co-op with Curriculum Associates starting June 1st, 2015.
Steppin' some Manias, faggotface, :monkey:, FFR, Stepmania, Alphes, Indeed, Computer Science, pad play.
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Nero's Day At Disneyland 2007. Definitely his most memorable year.
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Song NamesSong StyleDate
A Kidney StoneTechno10-04-09
Jamais DeuxBreakcore01-03-11
Positively Inclined RMXElectro Hop12-05-11
MetroBroken Tek08-08-11
Ding Dong Song [Light]Eurodance10-11-11
Keep On DrivingHip Hop14-11-11
Fall SilentlyDubstyle14-11-11
Mourning the LostSpeed Screamo06-12-11
Reality Hits You Hard BroAutotune Song14-12-11
Slashmaid (instrumental)Hard Rock20-12-11
Satanic Unicorn OrgyExperimental Breaks23-03-12
Super Signal ForceInstrumental26-05-12
The Bird's Concrete NosediveIDM Concrete10-06-12
Crowdpleaser v2Techno24-06-12
EuroMorroc (Clean Edit)Eurobeat07-07-12
Hero ReconsideringGlitchcore18-08-12
Jamais Vu8-bit Breakcore25-08-12
Case ClosedHip Hop06-10-12
Breakbeat AcidExtreme Breaks20-10-12
Ball of Malt v2Country08-12-12
2-9Chiptune Breakcore12-02-13
Snow [Ca5]Techno13-04-13
Not Our TomorrowMetalcore04-05-13
Help Me Find My Child Or The GoldGlitchcore20-07-13
CascataEasy Listening17-08-13
Shatterscape (Bexarametric Remix)Mechanical Lounge21-11-13
Extratone in a Perfect WorldSpeedcore23-01-14
No Money Down, Low Monthly PaymentsIDM07-02-14
Live and Learn (Zen Death Squad Remix)Techno07-04-14
Euphoria [Antinomie] v2Euro Dance03-05-14
grind2 v2Cybergrind14-05-14
Fried Eggs In My EarEccentric Breakcore31-05-14
Zanzibar GreenDrum'n Bass13-12-14
BreatheDrum'n Bass21-12-14
Rave 1IDM21-04-15
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Posted on: March 18, 2015, at 08:50:16am   [0 comments]
Since the brag board is a frequently moving board, this thread won't last long on the first page. Here is the link to the thread, which archives scores and videos obtained from songs in the pack.
Posted on: October 15, 2013, at 02:36:09pm   [85 comments]
The other comment wall was placed too low. Reposted this to make it easier to comment.

Also for anyone who's wondering, the eye in my profile is Sigma.
Posted on: September 7, 2013, at 02:18:59pm   [21 comments]
Which of my files currently in FFR do you consider my best or your favorite?
Posted on: July 22, 2013, at 11:50:04am   [11 comments]
I broke 1300 public AAAs on July 26th, 2013.

So far this is my progress:
- Hip Hop genre cleared.
- Classic Genre cleared.
- Dance Genre cleared.
- Purchased Genre cleared.
- Secret Genre cleared.

UPDATE MARCH 4TH 2014: No time for this and it's very aggravating. Not doing this anytime soon.
Posted on: July 13, 2013, at 03:48:45pm   [12 comments]

After all these damn years where it suddenly "disappeared" it was in some bag in my house's basement that wasn't there a while ago. Let's see if this rosewill still works; it was the keyboard I AAA'd jackhammer madness on, and it's pretty beat.

This is also good because my dell inspiron got fucked by water so I can't use that anymore for SM/FFR.