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About me:
My name is Chris, I'm 26 and have pretty much retired from FFR. Graduated with a bachelor of Game Development but currently earning a living in a call centre. Pretty chill guy and very easy going. Always on Steam so feel free to add me: Fat Orange Cat
Grey things. Also seem to be addicted to Runescape, while also taking breaks to play Rocket League, Binding of Isaac, Ratchet and Clank, and Minesweeper. Other than gaming, I love origami, skateboarding (including tech decks), cardistry and chilling with mates.
Fav Music:
Used to be a huge metal fan but kinda toned that down for now. Still love a good bit of power metal though. Been listening to a lot of hardcore/happy hardcore/breakbeats stuff through YouTube, Soundcloud, and Spotify. Also a huge fan of the 70s/80s/90s classics and belting them out in the car, as long as the windows are up :)
Fav Movies:
Sadly I'm not the biggest movie or TV watcher but some shows/titles that come to mind are Toy Story, Hugo, Harry Potter, Breaking Bad, Avatar, Rules of Engagement, Air Crash Investigation, and pretty much any historical documentary.
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11th Official Tournament (D5)
Posted on: June 25, 2016, at 11:13:30pm   [1 comment]
Not really pre-OT but anyway, D5 this time around, was considered for D6 but not enough consistent scores. Personally think I have a good shot at top 16 and maybe top 8 but we'll see what gets placed on the table. Goal is top 16, ultimate goal is top 5.

Round 1 - Funny Function (Around 71 - TBD)
Saw the preview and thought 'yay for jacks' but wasn't the type of jacks I was expecting. Not a huge fan of the overall file or song but SR was 30g or something. Have narrowed it down 6g atm so we'll see if I need to improve this in the coming days.
Edit - Played a few more times but choked the end 3 times with 2g. Safe anyway. Round 2 looks super fun.

Round 2 - Divinity Garden (Around 76 - TBD)
Oh how I was very wrong. This round seems significantly harder than I originally thought. SR something like 45-5-10-12 but I have a 21g run in there now. Will wait a day or two for other scores to come in.
Edit - Managed to improve by like 60 raw score. Choked a 15g clean run in the last 10 seconds so that counts for nothing. Should be safe this round anyway.

Round 3 - Drunk Crunk Franken (Around 79 - TBD)
As much as I hate long files (3+ mins), this one is actually enjoyable. Honestly think this is easier than last round lol what was I thinking... There's some patterns just out of my speed range but a bit of warming up should fix that. SR 51-3-4-10. Should be interesting to see what happens.
Edit - Holy shit I'm bad at this file. My speed just isn't at it's peak atm and I constantly stuff up the quick JS at the start. Improved by 260ish raw score. If I get past this round, the next round will probably be my last.
Edit 2 - Somehow managed 11-2-2-3 after some prior AAA motivation, which improved my raw score by about 400. If this doesn't keep me safe, I'll retire from FFR.

Round 4 - Galaxy in Toybox [Heavy] (Around 83 - TBD)
Wow. This is definitely a step up from the previous round. This is going to be a huge challenge to score a spot in the top 16. SR was 100g with a lot of other bs so anything remotely clean I'll be happy with. Managed something like 57-4-7-11 after a few runs but this is nowhere near enough to progress.
Edit - Well I improved by about 600 odd raw score which put me 3 spots above pee water for about 15 hours before I was under again :/ anything about 82k raw score may just be enough but I know I can hit 82,200 (maybe 82.4k) with the right run. Just a matter of calming the nerves and nailing that ending.
Edit 2 - I may fall short of my goal by 180 raw score. This song is really tough, and I just can't improve my score. Partly mindblocked the intro and before I hit the jacks I'm already 30g+. I have one last shot tomorrow about 1 hour prior to deadline, so praying for a miracle.

Never thought I'd get this far
Posted on: June 29, 2015, at 07:53:57am   [2 comments]
Front page of Avg ranks.

10th Official Tournament (D4)
Posted on: October 1, 2014, at 11:52:50pm   [1 comment]
Pretty hyped for this considering I missed last years one because I was never active on the forums so I've been waiting nearly 2 years for this. My ultimate goal is to finish top 8 but I will be satisfied with 16th or above. Let the games begin!!!

Round 1 - Fill Me Up With Snacky Happiness (56)
This song is a fairly easy 56. Played the first run in class and tried to not be too loud but somehow managed a 5-0-0-0 so when I get home I should be able to AAA this. Couldn't imagine getting knocked out first round after waiting all this time :P
EDIT - After around 8 times of getting 1 good in the final 100 notes, I finally AAA'ed it. Long wait til round 2...

Round 2 - Flame Repellent (59)
After what seemed forever, round 2 is here. Sightread a clean 13g which wasn't a bad start on a 59. Again, I think the difficulties have been over estimated or maybe I've just had a skill boost in the past 30 minutes. Anyway, should be able to improve on the first run. If I can AAA this, it'll be my new highest.
EDIT - Managed to score a 6-0-0-2 which halved the goods. Still more room for improvement.
EDIT 2 - Think I'll take the 3-0-0-0 for now. I know I can AAA this but I can feel mind blocks starting to arise.
EDIT 3 - Nerves killed my AAA. Managed a Blackflag in the last 100 or so notes but I'll try again later in the week.
EDIT - 4 AAA. Finally. Only took like 50 attempts. The afterglow is intense :D

Round 3 - Plousia (61)
Well... I don't know what to say about this file. I'm pretty tired atm and my first run of this was absolutely horrible (45-6-7-11) so I might wait until the morning to play this again. I will definitely need to practice this one.
EDIT - I guess it was my tiredness yesterday as I managed a 11-0-1-2 first run in the morning. This was after about an hours warm up though. Expecting to SDG today.
EDIT - 2 Just scored 8-0-0-0. Have to do better to survive this round.
EDIT - 3 That's it, I'm done. Played this song all week and have become so bad at this file that I cannot AAA the first 200 notes anymore. Disappointing finish, didn't get close to my goals... Try again next year I guess.

Top 10 in Australia!
Posted on: July 26, 2014, at 07:43:10am   [2 comments]
I finally made it! Feelsgoodman.

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GoPico! writes...
at 5:53:32pm on 8/15/21
ULTIMEGA writes...
at 9:39:12pm on 12/14/20
Actually, that was intentional.
ULTIMEGA writes...
at 3:21:39am on 8/20/20
Yo, look at the new D7 player!
TheSaxRunner05 writes...
at 11:29:53pm on 6/15/19
Just wanted to say I was bringing the TCG back if you're interested
FF_rules writes...
at 8:16:15pm on 1/12/19
Ya when I did that tourney, that was after I first took a big hiatus. Took me a year or so to get back in shape and I got past my accuracy bottleneck.
This hiatus is slightly different... gotta work on physically getting better over just timing.
FF_rules writes...
at 10:42:46pm on 1/6/19
I was surprised too; I made huge progress in accuracy in just those months of the tourney. I was SDGing songs I had no right prior of that tourney lol.
I hopped into a crew that does iidx and other games and I got really into sdvx. iidx has a problem with breaking my hands, the same reason I stopped playing stepmania and this back in 2015. Idk how to get over that physical hurdle atm since even in sdvx once I get into 200+BPM my hands start fatiguing.
Other than that, been going well; I'm definitely dropped from D3 to low D2 though. I've also changed how I read notes from upstream to down stream to compensate for EVERY other rhythm game out there lol
FF_rules writes...
at 4:51:21pm on 1/4/19
damn... yeah I just can't do shit anymore lol. The song I 14g in that tag tourney with you back in 2015.
FF_rules writes...
at 5:06:23am on 1/4/19
Happy New Years! It's been almost 4 years lol, saw your post in the New Years Resolution thread. How's it been?
I've spent the past few months learning SDVX since it's been real kind to my weak hands; iidx burns me out in minutes, same for ffr with fast streams.
See you climbing that Division ladder lol.
sonicdeadpool23 writes...
at 10:28:01am on 6/1/17
TheSaxRunner05 writes...
at 11:39:20pm on 4/12/17
Haha, nice score
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