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sickufully writes at 6:36:36pm on 1/7/19
That's what I love about tourneys here, you can jump up a div in just a few weeks. Too bad there's not may of them anymore. Great to hear you're still smashing arrows (and whatever other noteskins), wish I could say that I've been keeping up as well. Sadly, I took a massive break and I've lost a lot of skill. Maybe it's time for me to retire :P Although I've seen many cases where someone takes a hiatus and comes back better than ever so I could give that a try.
sickufully writes at 9:24:44pm on 1/5/19
Happy new year man! I've only recently returned to the community but I haven't played in nearly a year so I'm utter trash at this game now :P dropped from a D6 to about D3.
How have you been man, what you been doing with yourself? Rhythm gaming is almost a thing of the past for me now, it's good to hear that you're still in the scene. How's the progress going?
That tag tourney was so much fun, wish another one would be hosted. Still can't believe that we won that :)
sickufully writes at 9:07:05pm on 4/17/15
Congratz man! We did it. Don't know how, but we did :) Your scores were damn impressive as well. That 11g on Skeletor was just lucky mashing (tiny bit of skill) but it got us across the line. Well played my friend, well played. Now go and celebrate Korean style :)
sickufully writes at 6:07:53am on 4/9/15
Managed a clean 11g on song A. Taking your 14g on Prototype for song B. Also got 11g for the bonus song. Hopefully no one can SDG their bonus song :P hope you're enjoying Korea.
FF_rules writes at 8:36:04am on 4/7/15
Traveling while I'm still young; is what I'd like to say but I'm really just blowing up money.
mrpreggers writes at 8:05:59am on 4/7/15
from hawaii to korea you crazy kook > : D just what de HECK are you doing over there !!!!
sickufully writes at 2:21:43am on 4/2/15
Song A is good. Although both songs this round are horrible for me. Not really a fan of Poinsettia and Arsonist is too long for my liking. This will have to do for now.
Deadlyx39 writes at 6:40:10am on 3/30/15
You'd be surprised how much I have to grind to get those scores though
sickufully writes at 5:45:30am on 3/29/15
And I was about to restart from the shitty intro. I guess that takes us to #1 :)
sickufully writes at 4:39:47am on 3/29/15
Yeah I know what you mean, I've got a BF on a 61 that I got years ago, now I cant get close to it :P for me, it just takes persistence to get a good score. Maybe isolate a few parts but just play the song over and over and you'll eventually hit it. Works 99% of the time anyway :P