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10th Official Tournament (D4)
Posted on: October 1, 2014, at 11:52:50pm

Pretty hyped for this considering I missed last years one because I was never active on the forums so I've been waiting nearly 2 years for this. My ultimate goal is to finish top 8 but I will be satisfied with 16th or above. Let the games begin!!!

Round 1 - Fill Me Up With Snacky Happiness (56)
This song is a fairly easy 56. Played the first run in class and tried to not be too loud but somehow managed a 5-0-0-0 so when I get home I should be able to AAA this. Couldn't imagine getting knocked out first round after waiting all this time :P
EDIT - After around 8 times of getting 1 good in the final 100 notes, I finally AAA'ed it. Long wait til round 2...

Round 2 - Flame Repellent (59)
After what seemed forever, round 2 is here. Sightread a clean 13g which wasn't a bad start on a 59. Again, I think the difficulties have been over estimated or maybe I've just had a skill boost in the past 30 minutes. Anyway, should be able to improve on the first run. If I can AAA this, it'll be my new highest.
EDIT - Managed to score a 6-0-0-2 which halved the goods. Still more room for improvement.
EDIT 2 - Think I'll take the 3-0-0-0 for now. I know I can AAA this but I can feel mind blocks starting to arise.
EDIT 3 - Nerves killed my AAA. Managed a Blackflag in the last 100 or so notes but I'll try again later in the week.
EDIT - 4 AAA. Finally. Only took like 50 attempts. The afterglow is intense :D

Round 3 - Plousia (61)
Well... I don't know what to say about this file. I'm pretty tired atm and my first run of this was absolutely horrible (45-6-7-11) so I might wait until the morning to play this again. I will definitely need to practice this one.
EDIT - I guess it was my tiredness yesterday as I managed a 11-0-1-2 first run in the morning. This was after about an hours warm up though. Expecting to SDG today.
EDIT - 2 Just scored 8-0-0-0. Have to do better to survive this round.
EDIT - 3 That's it, I'm done. Played this song all week and have become so bad at this file that I cannot AAA the first 200 notes anymore. Disappointing finish, didn't get close to my goals... Try again next year I guess.

  1. Lol, if you look at the song graph and see the spot where there's like a knee in the curve and the slope decreases a ton... Yeah I made it past that point with AAA 3 times and then had random mistakes in the last slow part. :P