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Azpb Djbread

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I'm a music producer, i love gaming, and i always stay optimistic!
Music, games, fast pace action, colors.
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Cartoons, comedy.
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Gaming Region:USA - New England
Location:Pheonix, Arizona, USA
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SmexxxyBeast writes at 5:08:24pm on 7/4/20
ayyyyyyy ive been good haha
FirstMaple8 writes at 12:06:23am on 7/2/20
o wasup dude same for u
MarcusHawkins writes at 3:45:27pm on 7/1/20
Oh cool, that sounds fun!
What caused the sudden leave from FFR, might I ask?
MarcusHawkins writes at 3:41:48pm on 7/1/20
Woah you're back!!
Things have been busy, but all's been well!
What have you been up to?
Rapta writes at 3:34:00pm on 7/1/20
Oh I just saw the comment right below my previous one.
Rapta writes at 3:33:33pm on 7/1/20
Thanks for the kind words~ I am more active in the FFR Discord than anywhere else. If you use Discord, hit me up there!
Azpb Djbread writes at 3:30:59pm on 7/1/20
If anyone is stopping by to say hi on my profile, please add me on discord! I'm not active too much in rhythm gaming
SpaceGorilla writes at 9:12:27am on 1/26/20
hello friend
Dinglesberry writes at 7:40:00pm on 5/17/19
komo#9331 add me up fam
melonpapes writes at 11:27:07pm on 3/19/19