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klimtkiller writes at 11:58:48am on 11/3/14
it's suggesting to downvote his profile.
sweet2kill210 writes at 7:03:59pm on 10/31/14
is your profile background suggesting something? ;)
klimtkiller writes at 5:45:03am on 10/25/14
thanks m8. tool lots of tries.
klimtkiller writes at 10:37:25am on 10/13/14
cum mp blad
klimtkiller writes at 3:33:49pm on 10/11/14
xonica is playing ffr? :o
blindhollander writes at 8:43:58pm on 7/30/14
blindhollander writes at 5:25:40pm on 7/30/14
i forget.....what was the name of that song started with M, and it was an itg song :P :(
Josemba writes at 4:45:36pm on 7/3/14
Then you're D7
Josemba writes at 11:14:48pm on 6/22/14
Devilchilly writes at 3:52:58am on 5/24/14
Lol don't worry, I took a break from keymashing for 2 weeks now and went playing some flash games on miniclip, so a lot of skill draining happened to me.