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Started playing this for a tiny bit in 2005 because my brother played it. Forgot about it, and then remembered it and created this account. Remembered again, but I stopped that time due to the site going down or whatever. When it was back, I played sporadically until sometime in 2015/2016 when I started to take it more seriously. EO Profile: EO Index Profile:
Fav Music:
Too many songs and I don't know the genres. I usually say that Sir Duke is my favorite song though.
Fav Movies:
12 Angry Men, Forrest Gump, It's a wonderful life, Howl's Moving Castle, and several others that I probably forgot.
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PixelLee writes at 6:39:46pm on 11/29/18
Hello :)
SNOWLEGEND writes at 1:30:43am on 1/23/18
XD true cant wait till we find out bro
SNOWLEGEND writes at 4:13:28am on 1/20/18
names shroudborn on o!m and i added you. btw nice rank lol dang you might be better then me now :P but we will see cause i rarely play ranked songs.
SNOWLEGEND writes at 4:57:39pm on 1/19/18
i haven't really been on recently no but i have been playing a lot of osu!mania so i am getting better overall. Which btw we should play against each other sometime. Im sure you are a lot better also now.
SNOWLEGEND writes at 6:37:36pm on 12/31/17
Gloker writes at 2:59:33pm on 10/29/17
dat banner is blowing mind
Scottek writes at 4:26:09am on 3/26/16
Cloud_Strife15 writes at 12:01:55am on 2/26/16
I like your profile