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GOOD morning to the world and ALL who inhabit it! (This profile is almost finished undergoing construction)
Dance Dance Revolution (DDR 4 Life)/Stepmania/FlashFlashRevolution, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call, and other rhythm games, Bejeweled (Don't you dare bring up Candy Crush Saga. It's evil!) and other puzzle games, Pokemon, trivia, and of course, my girlfriend. (I love you, Nega Master <3)
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Dance Dance Revolution and most BEMANI songs, Video gaming music, NSYNC (Don't judge me), and K-Pop.
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DDRNGGin on YouTube?
Posted on: June 10, 2016, at 07:30:22am   [4 comments]

What's up, FFR? This is DDRNGGin here, and I am here to tell you this.....My channel is up and running with some videos! :D

And here is just one of the videos that you will see on my channel:

This is my take on how DDR would make a DDR 20 footer! A huge stamina drainer from beginning to end [Inserts some kind of evil laughter]! Shoutout to hnkul702 (on YouTube) for recording and encoding my DDR Edits for me.

If you liked this chart, then go on to YouTube, find my channel, give the video a like, and subscribe to my channel, please so that you can get more on my DDR Edits such as this one and many more. :)

EDIT: Here is the link to my YouTube channel:

What is going on with my life?
Posted on: May 20, 2016, at 09:31:36am   [3 comments]
I really never got the chance to actually tell anyone here on FFR about my life outside of this community. Anyway, this is my very, very first update on what has happened or is happening within my life:

Schooling: As of May 19,2016, I have officially graduated high school. My entire family, including immediate household and extended, are really proud of me for not only achieving that, but, I will also be moving on to college. Random info of my stats in graduation:

ACT (American College Testing) highest composite score: 30 (On the 36 composite point range/scale)
GPA at graduation: 3.52 (On 4.0 GPA scale)
Class Rank: ~Top 15-20% of graduated class (Total graduated in my class: 387)
Graduation status: Graduated with Honors and Distinction

Rhythm Gaming and Personal Life: First, regarding my personal life, I am currently in a relationship with my girlfriend, and my girlfriend and I have been dating for over a year now, and we are still together. Now, regarding rhythm Gaming:

FFR: I have reached D5 status on Index about a week ago, and which I am both excited and nervous about at the same time.
Stepmania/DDR: I am currently working on creating a Pad/Index Pack for Stepmania called "Project New Generation", which at the moment has about 90 songs. The pack is still in development, and I am really looking forward to releasing this pack when it is completed! Regarding SMO, I haven't been on SMO in sometime. But, with no school until around September for me, I am trying to get back into SMO.

If you want to look up for me on SMO, my username on SMO is SilverStarXY!

If you want more about what is going on with my life, either comment here or shoot me a PM, okay? That is all! :)

DDRNGGin's FMO Tracker
Posted on: November 20, 2015, at 05:44:49am   [1 comment]
I do understand that I am (Super) late with creating this Random Thought, but this is intended to keep track of all FMO AAAs earned. To the fiffers that do not know what an FMO is, these are songs/charts that can qualify a player to unlock Otaku Speedvibe [Oni], or difficuly range of 70-84. Anyway, here is my current list (Note: Replays are going to be of the most recent FMO AAA):

1) Flight of the Bumblebee: Difficulty 80- Date of AAA: June 28,2015

Posted on: September 3, 2015, at 07:16:56am   [6 comments]
On September 2, 2015, my friend, Mason, passed away. He was shot in the head Saturday evening and was transported to the hospital Sunday morning. He was on life support until his passing on 9/2 at 2 PM. I will really miss my friend. :(

Stepmania Goals (Updated on 05/26/2016)
Posted on: August 3, 2015, at 03:35:38pm   [0 comments]
Note: These are goals for Stepmania (playing index on the keyboard), not Dance Dance Revolution.

Current Marvelous Full Combo Count: 18
[★] Get a AAAA (Marvelous Full Combo) on any song.
[★] Get 2 Marvelous Full Combos.
[★] Get 3 Marvelous Full Combos.
[★] 5 Marvelous Full Combos.
[★] 10 Marvelous Full Combos.
[] 25 Marvelous Full Combos.
[] 50 Marvelous Full Combos.
[] 75 Marvelous Full Combos.
[] 100 Marvelous Full Combos.

[★] Achieve an MFC on a song which its difficulty is 10 or higher on the DDR X (20 foot) scale.
Burnin the Floor [Expert] (10)
Boom Boom Dollar [Challenge] (11)
Brilliant 2U [Challenge] (10)
resonance [Expert] (11)
AM-3P [Expert] (11)
Celebrate Nite [Expert] (11)
Dreaming can make a wish come true [Expert] (11)
Under the Sky [Expert] (11)

[★] MFC a song of difficulty 12 or higher on DDR X (20 foot) scale.
Have You Never Been Mellow [Challenge] (12)
End of the Century [Expert] (13)
Broken My Heart [Expert] (12)
Brilliant 2U (Orchestra Groove) [Challenge] (12)

[★] Achieve a SDP (Single Digit Perfect) on a song of difficulty 15 or higher on the DDR X Scale.
- Saber Wing (Satellite Silhouette Remix) [Challenge] (15): 9 Perfects
- THE REASON [Challenge] (15): 16 Perfects
- I'm so Happy [Challenge] (16): 17 Perfects
- Chronos [Challenge] (15): 18 Perfects
- Todoroke! Koi no beanball!! [Expert] (15): 18 Perfects
- snow prism [Challenge] (16): 19 Perfects
- VANESSA [Expert] (16): 19 Perfects
- PRANA [Challenge] (16): 20 Perfects
- chaos eater [Expert] (16): 21 Perfects
- POSSESSION(EDP Live Mix) [Expert] (16): 22 Perfects
- SUMIDAGAWA KARENKA [Challenge] (16): 24 Perfects
- PARANOiA KCET ~clean mix~ [Challenge] (15): 25 Perfects
- on the bounce [Challenge] (16): 28 Perfects
- Xepher [Challenge] (15): 28 Perfects
- AWAKE [Challenge] (16): 29 Perfects
- Okome no oishii takikata, soshite okome wo taberu koto ni yoru sono kouka [Expert] (16): 29 Perfects
- PARANOIA survivor MAX [Challenge] (16): 29 Perfects
- REVOLUTIONARY ADDICT [Challenge] (16): 31 Perfects
- MAX 300 (Super-Max-Me-Mix) [Challenge] (16): 33 Perfects
- CHAOS [Challenge] (16): 34 Perfects
- MAXX Unlimited [Expert] (16): 34 Perfects
- Somehow You Found Me [Challenge] (16): 37 Perfects
- Pluto [Challenge] (16): 43 Perfects

[★] New Goal: Get a Marvelous Full Combo on a song which its difficulty is 15 or higher on the DDR X Scale.
Romancing Layer [Expert] (15)

[★] Get under 25 perfects on a song of difficulty 17 or higher on DDR X Scale.
- New Generation [Challenge] (17): 10 Perfects
- The legend of MAX(X-Special) [Challenge] (17): 24 Perfects
- PARANOiA (kskst mix) [Expert] (17): 27 Perfects
- REVØLUTION [Challenge] (17): 30 Perfects
- Idola [Challenge] (17): 32 Perfects
- Fascination MAXX [Expert] (17): 40 Perfects
- London EVOLVED Ver.C [Challenge] (17): 42 Perfects
- deltaMAX [Challenge] (17): 50 Perfects
- EGOISM 440 [Expert] (17): 52 Perfects

[] New Goal: Get under 20 perfects on Fascination MAXX [Expert].

[] New Goal: Get an SDP (Single Digit Perfect) on New Generation [Challenge].

[★] Get under 50 perfects on a song of difficulty 18 or higher on the DDR X Scale.
- POSSESSION [Challenge] (18): 18 Perfects
- Elemental Creation [Challenge] (18): 20 Perfects
- Triple Journey -TAG EDITION- [Challenge] (18): 14 Perfects
- Anti-Matter [Challenge] (18): 28 Perfects
- Go For The Top [Challenge] (18): 41 Perfects
- NGO [Challenge] (18): 42 Perfects
- Mei [Challenge] (18): 44 Perfects
- PARANOiA ~Hades~ [Challenge] (18): 48 Perfects
- MAXX Unlimited(X-Special) [Challenge] (18): 52 Perfects
- Healing-D-Vision [Challenge] (18): 53 Perfects
- Trigger [Challenge] (18): 60 Perfects
- IX [Challenge] (18): 69 Perfects

[★] New Goal: Get under 25 perfects on Elemental Creation [Challenge].

[] New Goal: Get under 15 perfects on Anti-Matter [Challenge].

[] New Goal: Get an SDP on Triple Journey -TAG EDITION- [Challenge].

[★] Achieve a DDR equivalent score of 950,000 or higher on the following songs:

Valkyrie Dimension [Challenge]
Paranoia Revolution [Challenge]
EGOISM 440 [Challenge]

[★] Get DDR equivalent score of 975,000 or higher on the following songs:

Valkyrie Dimension [Challenge]
Paranoia Revolution [Challenge]
EGOISM 440 [Challenge]

[★] Achieve DDR equivalent score of 990,000 or higher on the following songs:

Valkyrie Dimension [Challenge]
Current Personal Best on Stepmania: 992,860 (DDR AAA FC: 9 Greats)

Paranoia Revolution [Challenge]
Current Personal Best on Stepmania: 992,250 (DDR AAA: 4 Greats, 2 Misses)

EGOISM 440 [Challenge]
Current Personal Best on Stepmania: 999,140 (DDR AAA PFC: 86 Perfects)

[] New Goal: Get a Perfect Full Combo on Max Forever [Challenge]

[★] New Goal: Get a Perfect Full Combo on EGOISM 440 [Challenge]

[] New Goal: Get a Perfect Full Combo on Valkyrie Dimension [Challenge]

[] Complete all goals on Judge 4 Timing (Current Progress: 0.07%)

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tho is a ddr
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i saw the pfp and thought...
KAPI : )
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at 3:59:22pm on 4/27/21
Hey, man! It's been a while. I hope you're doing good.
Nega Master writes...
at 10:40:20am on 8/14/20
so hangouts will be put on hold for a while. i'll try to grt on here as much as possible. so if your worried bout me, dont worry. im just goin thru some technical difficulties
Nega Master writes...
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yeah so its back to this till i can get a new phone
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Ahhh, you totally should join! There's at least one other person I know of for sure that's in the 'Boro.
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at 12:24:11pm on 7/2/20
Congrats on finishing college! Are you part of TN Rhythm Gamers discord? :O
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Are you still in the 'Boro? o.o
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How did you get so good at jacks? Plz teell me your secrets :D
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