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11th Official Tournament (D5)
Posted on: June 25, 2016, at 11:13:30pm

Not really pre-OT but anyway, D5 this time around, was considered for D6 but not enough consistent scores. Personally think I have a good shot at top 16 and maybe top 8 but we'll see what gets placed on the table. Goal is top 16, ultimate goal is top 5.

Round 1 - Funny Function (Around 71 - TBD)
Saw the preview and thought 'yay for jacks' but wasn't the type of jacks I was expecting. Not a huge fan of the overall file or song but SR was 30g or something. Have narrowed it down 6g atm so we'll see if I need to improve this in the coming days.
Edit - Played a few more times but choked the end 3 times with 2g. Safe anyway. Round 2 looks super fun.

Round 2 - Divinity Garden (Around 76 - TBD)
Oh how I was very wrong. This round seems significantly harder than I originally thought. SR something like 45-5-10-12 but I have a 21g run in there now. Will wait a day or two for other scores to come in.
Edit - Managed to improve by like 60 raw score. Choked a 15g clean run in the last 10 seconds so that counts for nothing. Should be safe this round anyway.

Round 3 - Drunk Crunk Franken (Around 79 - TBD)
As much as I hate long files (3+ mins), this one is actually enjoyable. Honestly think this is easier than last round lol what was I thinking... There's some patterns just out of my speed range but a bit of warming up should fix that. SR 51-3-4-10. Should be interesting to see what happens.
Edit - Holy shit I'm bad at this file. My speed just isn't at it's peak atm and I constantly stuff up the quick JS at the start. Improved by 260ish raw score. If I get past this round, the next round will probably be my last.
Edit 2 - Somehow managed 11-2-2-3 after some prior AAA motivation, which improved my raw score by about 400. If this doesn't keep me safe, I'll retire from FFR.

Round 4 - Galaxy in Toybox [Heavy] (Around 83 - TBD)
Wow. This is definitely a step up from the previous round. This is going to be a huge challenge to score a spot in the top 16. SR was 100g with a lot of other bs so anything remotely clean I'll be happy with. Managed something like 57-4-7-11 after a few runs but this is nowhere near enough to progress.
Edit - Well I improved by about 600 odd raw score which put me 3 spots above pee water for about 15 hours before I was under again :/ anything about 82k raw score may just be enough but I know I can hit 82,200 (maybe 82.4k) with the right run. Just a matter of calming the nerves and nailing that ending.
Edit 2 - I may fall short of my goal by 180 raw score. This song is really tough, and I just can't improve my score. Partly mindblocked the intro and before I hit the jacks I'm already 30g+. I have one last shot tomorrow about 1 hour prior to deadline, so praying for a miracle.

  1. gl in the ot