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behanjc's Stepped Songs
Song NamesSong StyleDate
Frozen RainTrance15-10-07
Final StepFusion07-11-07
Shanghai Girl of Meiji 17World/Electronica24-12-07
Piano Etude (Gymnastics)Classical25-03-08
Mario MinorGame Remix/Rock29-03-08
GaryuutenseiAsian Mixture27-04-08
The EntertainerRagtime25-05-08
Black Wing MetamorphosisGame Remix30-05-08
Outside the SkiesEasy Listening15-05-08
The Lunatic PrincessGame Remix/Rock10-06-08
BrainwaveHyper Eurobeat06-07-08
HarukaSwing Jazz26-06-08
Pure In AsiaTouhou Fusion26-06-08
Butterflies (Short Edit)Eurodance20-07-08
Orchestral AngelsEurodance01-07-08
R8U AnotherSpeed Rave13-07-08
Toono Youkai ZensenGame Remix10-08-08
the Casket of StarEpic Rock14-08-08
Radio HeadsRetro Rock14-08-08
Air.sul G iRockBa-rock07-09-08
CRASH the BEAT!Euro Rave19-09-08
Falsie the Pseudo-Science GirlAkiba-Pop16-11-08
Hellhounds On My TrailHeavy Metal12-12-08
Remember 15 Years Ago...Piano Ballad22-12-08
Fake JazzFake Jazz17-12-08
We Wish You A Merry XMas (Jazzy Groove Mix)Jazz Remix24-12-08
World Tour 2004Worldwide Medley01-01-09
Shining SwordEpic Rock23-01-09
Black Key EtudeClassical07-02-09
Keep In MindSamba Jazz20-03-09
He's A Radical RatContemporary26-04-09
Run Through The Stream Of TimeEpic Rock24-05-09
Destined MarionetteTechno12-06-09
FeldschlachtSmooth Jazz18-09-09
Phantom EnsembleGame Remix07-11-10
PiasolutePiano Remix14-11-10
SiriusSparkle Pop14-11-10
Random Thoughts
My Music
Posted on: May 12, 2011, at 03:38:28pm   [2 comments]
You can find my music at:
I will be continually updating as I finish new songs

My Queued FFR Files
Posted on: February 7, 2008, at 07:42:42pm   [9 comments]
Since the queue is closing for a while, I thought I should post what files of mine you can look forward to in the future.

EDIT: Queue is now open, expect more files.

Queued Files:
[title/artist (estimated difficulty)]
No more files :|

Files In Game:
Air.sul G iRock/Kryptos (10)
Atlach=Nacha "CRASH the BEAT!" (10)
Black Key Etude/Chopin/Bernd Krueger (10)
Black Wing Metamorphosis/OCRemix (8)
Brainwave/X0-000 (9)
Butterflies/Dj Sane (8)
Destined Marionette/beatMARIO (10)
Fake Jazz/S.S.H. (10)
Falsie the Pseudo-Science Girl/MOSAIC.WAV (9)
Feldschlacht (j.z. mix)/Glome (10)
Final Step/OSTER Project (10)
Frozen Rain/OSTER Project (8)
Garyuutensei/Xi (10)
Haruka/AKHT (7)
Hellhounds On My Trail/Children of Bodom (11)
He's a Radical Rat/Samuel Ascher Weiss (11)
Keep in Mind/Xi (10)
Mario Minor/Powerglove (11)
Orchestral Angels/dj-nate (8)
OSTER Project Presents World Tour 2004/OSTER Project (10)
Outside the Skies/Stargroup (7)
Phantom Ensemble/S.S.H. (10)
Piano Etude-(Gymnastics)/OSTER Project (11)
Piasolute/Onoken (8)
Pure in Asia/dBu (10)
R8U Another/Shiki (9)
Radio Heads/S.S.H. (11)
Remember 15 Years Ago.../Glome (8)
Run Through The Stream of Time/Kryptos (10)
Shanghai Girl of Meiji 17/dBu (10)
Shining Sword/S.S.H. (10)
Sirius/OSTER Project (10)
the Casket of Star/dBu (10)
The Entertainer/S. Joplin/B.R Tubb (8)
The Lunatic Princess/dBu (10)
Toono youkai zensen/beatMARIO (9)
Twilight Jewel/OSTER Project (10)
We wish you a merry Christmas (Jazzy Groove)/OSTER Project (10)

Will keep updated.
(Difficulties will change)

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FirstMaple8 writes...
at 7:43:01pm on 2/25/18
holy shit grats on getting 29billion GT
hi19hi19 writes...
at 7:30:20pm on 10/13/13
hi19hi19 writes...
at 7:37:27pm on 10/7/13
oh hi
popsicle_3000 writes...
at 8:09:17am on 8/23/12
well good to have you back for a little while then :)
popsicle_3000 writes...
at 10:57:51pm on 8/22/12
wow, didn't know you were a) still active, and b) that good of a player!
j-rodd123 writes...
at 9:05:01pm on 8/3/12
submit more files to ffr next batch plz :3
subin writes...
at 3:33:46am on 10/30/11
A few pointers on your remix. Check out your thread. Keep up the good work :)
magicturbo writes...
at 1:39:10am on 8/9/11
Aaaaaw... why though? Just wondering =P
magicturbo writes...
at 10:44:13pm on 8/7/11
You step so many songs!... and all the touhou songs... any intentions of stepping more touhou?
Darkbreezee writes...
at 8:26:50am on 7/17/11
thanks a bunch, now im going to AAA this one asap xD
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