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Skeptical of Difficulty Evaluations
Posted on: August 4, 2014, at 01:38:54am   [3 comments]
Operating with what I believe I know about the difficulty level assignments, that is, that each of them is assigned a difficulty by a person or group of people, as opposed to using some formula, I have come to question this practice, or at least I question whether enough effort has been put into developing a working formula, thereby improving the game, or perhaps the genre as a whole.

Taking a sample of 358 songs (only those which I have played, and therefore, have easy access to the number of notes in each song), I have made a formula just within excel that has an R squared of 0.922 which seemingly accurately correlates the difficulty of the song to the number of notes per second. Namely, it's the following power expression:

y = 0.98912934x^0.50763381

Where y is the notes per second, and x is the difficulty. This is shockingly close to simply taking the square root of the difficulty to find the notes per second, or conversely squaring the notes per second to find the difficulty. In a way it makes me wonder whether my initial assumption was correct, because even with a sample this large, I really was not expecting such a high R squared. I should however note that the variability of the nps increased with the difficulty, and the fact that I could not include any 75-99 songs in my sample would suggest that higher nps will be come less and less good at indicating difficulty. What is also interesting to me is something that agrees with an inference I made a while ago about there being a theoretical "max" nps, which also relates to the average fastest "clicking speed" that I've noticed, which is about 10/second. My personal top clicking speed (on a mouse, to be clear) is about 14 per second, but I can only comfortably maintain 10 per second. I have a feeling that this physical limit combined with a similar mental limit contributes to this max of 10 nps (this agrees with the max FFR difficulty being 99).

After looking at the forums for a bit, it seems that using nps for the difficulty is not exactly popular, which I understand from the perspective of the D4+ individual, playing at a difficulty level at which there is an empirically high nps variation, increasing as you go up. At the same time, avoiding a serious nps discussion does little to improve the experience of our little community here. I for one honestly do think there exists a system that could take into account all the elements of difficulty within a rhythm game, or at least those that exist within the note chart, and I really think keeping the whole "difficulty is subjective" argument alive is useless (comfortable, easy) to the rhythm gaming genre as a whole.

Call me naive, but since this is my personal favorite rhythm game, I feel like the game has a duty to continue to perfect itself. Are we not all here just to enjoy this "perfect", highly polished experience? I am convinced that more can be done.

Stuck on you... Also statistics...
Posted on: August 3, 2014, at 12:26:17am   [0 comments]
I've been playing a lot of the "Unplayed" playlist on R3, trying to get my rank up. I've got it down to about 34 hours of unplayed songs... clearly making strides. It's really fun though, grinding an hour every night. I'm not sure if it should be though, I remember not too long ago the idea of grinding in a rhythm game seemed repulsive to me, but I can see it has some merits. I kind of impress myself with my sight-reading abilities, if that's what you call it. It is also surprising how rarely I have to mash. If I had the setup for it, I'd start streaming this. I think there's something to be said for just pure sight-reading, maybe it would be interesting to watch.

Another thing, suddenly today I became interested in the mass of data that is "level ranks". If only I had some way of determining the quality of my best score, besides looking up each max score individually. Hmmm... Maybe if I had the score formula, I could sum all my perfs, goods, etc. and determine the max score that way... Hell yeah, I found it:

So, I wanna use this to calculate what my approximate skill level is by weighting each level difficulty with the percentage of max. I'll try it both ways with raw score and combo, see what happens.

Okay, I weighted it three different ways and got three interesting numbers:

Difficulty x Times Played: 35.99
Difficulty x Average Percentage (combo score): 34.80
Difficulty x Average Percentage (raw score): 40.13

Of course the raw score is more favorable, but I like that the combo score also seems to align with the "Times Played" average. The the logic of Difficulty x Times Played is that one prefers something on or slightly above his/her own skill level.

Also interesting is the fact that if you take all of the songs on the site and take an average of the difficulty you get an average skill level of 48.26, with a median of 51. Assuming it is valid, the combo score would put me in the 28th percentile, and the raw score would put me in the 35th percentile.

BUT, the two weighting methods with which I used average percentage may not be as valid as using a sum of the percentage, which would more effectively account for having played multiple songs of a particular difficulty (rather than taking an average per difficulty). Using that method I get:

Difficulty x Sum of Percentage (combo score): 32.54 (26th Percentile)
Difficulty x Sum of Percentage (raw score): 35.90 (30th Percentile)

I find that this sits with me a little better.
BUT, then, using either of these methods with an empirical percentile would do little to account for an individual who has AAA's on all songs, perhaps there is a theoretical maximum that one could compare this to? Full AAA's would likely just give someone a rank of 48.26 (the average rank for all songs).

I could find the maximum possible weighted sum of having 100% in all songs, and compare my weight to that to find a more meaningful percentile. However, to avoid the conundrum of taking in to account songs I've never played (like average rank does), I should only acknowledge songs I have scores for. This seems very similar to the effect of just taking an average of my percentages, but perhaps it will yield significant results.

Ah yes, much different than taking an average of my percentages, I find that my max possible weight is 24723 (difficulty x #of Songs x 100%). The max possible weight of the entirety of songs available is 75580, and the weights of my combo score and raw score respectively are 14459 and 20803. Using my personal max possible weight would give me percentiles of 58 and 84 respectively (massively different). This (theoretically) is an indication of my skill as compared to someone who has played the same songs as I have. Using the max weight of all public songs, I would have percentiles of 19 (combo score) and 28 (raw score).

I'm still not comfortable picking either combo or raw score as a preferred indication of skill. The combo method seems more skill-oriented, to counteract the effects of scores that reflect mashing, but then again, if I do nothing but sight-read a bunch of songs, there's no way I'll be getting FCs. Also I'm pretty sure the whole combo score vs raw score is still hotly debated by some, so I'll just put that issue to rest for another time.

9th Official, Over so Soon?
Posted on: November 14, 2013, at 10:55:03pm   [0 comments]
It's been so much fun competing, but this week was just out to get me with schoolwork. It's 10:50 and I'm bowing out, with a sour feeling in my stomach.

I obviously couldn't handle the competition, but I can say I put up a good fight. In Trumpet63 tradition, I was just 1 Good from the safe zone. Sometimes it's so close but so far away.

I sure do hope I stay D2 in the future though, I'm hoping I proved that I belong here.

MKIIPro... Don't think it's over... The war has only just begun

AAA Count Doubled
Posted on: October 26, 2013, at 11:29:18am   [0 comments]
I was sitting at the bottom of D2 with my mediocre two-digit goods, pouting, in a pool of my own self-pity, thinking about my hangup with getting AAAs. When I switched to R3 things got a little better, thanks to the 60 fps. I had been reducing the goods on the song gradually, but the idea of a AAA just seemed so impossible.

So, to PROVE to myself that I could, in fact, get a AAA, I went and played Free Space. Now I have two of 'em.


That's what I get for living in America...
Posted on: August 14, 2013, at 01:45:09pm   [0 comments]
I don't imagine that many people have gone through the effort I have looking for good online rhythm games... or maybe you have...

Super Dancer Online Extreme (SDO-X) is a Malaysia-based online rhythm game... and you can tell, because its art style is super anime. But anyways, they're having an "international" tournament, but you actually have to be there in person to participate. THAT PISSES ME OFF!! I'm sorry FFR, you're making me wait for your tourney, and now I tried to cheat on you, but I can't because she lives in Malaysia ;_;

Anyone know why rhythm games are such a big deal in Asia? OR perhaps the better question is, why they're NOT a big deal in the U.S. and elsewhere?

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