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So uh, hi there! You can call me Silvuh or Silv or anything like that. I am non-binary and use she or they pronouns. And if you should know anything else about me, it's that I am very serious and extremely sensitive. ==== I'm not back. I just figured I'd open my profile back up.
Friends, video games, drawing.
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Most of what I listen to is pop-rock, but I also enjoy that funky stuff from like the 1970s, bossa nova, peppy big band music, slow jazz, bluegrass ... stuff.
Fav Movies:
Scott Pilgrim vs the World, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Inside Out, The Muppets' Christmas Carol.
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FFR File Requests
Posted on: February 4, 2013, at 09:03:14pm   [7 comments]
Is there any music that we have permission for and you want stepped, but you can't or don't want to step it yourself? If you think I'd do a good job of it, respond here with a request. I'll work on requests in order and show (only) you the file to see if it's about what you wanted to see from it. Then I'll send the file to the batch when I can, and you can make another request.

Give the title and artist of the song, and if you can't provide a download link, send the file to me over Skype.

Limits on what I'll step:
Length around 1:40–2:45 preferred, but I'll do 1:20–7:00. I can make song cuts.
No joke music, speedcore, dubstep, or glitch. Wobbling bass makes my ears hurt. Breakcore is a maybe if it has some melodically interesting parts (see Post-Human Dirge). Nothing too slow with like one note every few seconds.

Posted on: November 2, 2011, at 03:50:05am   [0 comments]

The character in my avatar is a fictionalized version of the bassist in this band. (The other character is the vocal/guitarist.)

Files for FFR in Progress.
Posted on: November 10, 2010, at 09:10:59pm   [4 comments]

What you're looking at.
Posted on: March 23, 2009, at 02:55:40am   [0 comments]
~11-01-2015~ Avatar and top profile art by [kuzugitsune] (animated by me), bottom profile art by [そんなバナナ], characters from [SHOW BY ROCK!!]
~04-07-2014~ Top Tails by [froste], bottom Tails by [diachanx]
~28-04-2014~ Avatar by Andaru: [Userpage]
~23-01-2014~ Art by 壱丸: [Image] [Usperpage]
~09-10-2013~ Art by kagerow: [Image] [Usperpage] [Website]
~02-08-2013~ Art by 皐月ウサギ: [Image] [Userpage]
~04-06-2013~ Avatar was a drawing by 柗屋 of 葉月 壊's UTAU character 白牙ノイ.
~09-02-2013~ Art by Robi: [Image] [Userpage]
~02-01-2013~ Art was ponies. And apples. (More specifically, it's the violin-playing pony from the musical number in Ep308 "Apple Family Reunion".)
~20-10-2012~ Art by me. Finally had a drawing of Silv on my page again.

Earlier art
by 葉槻: [Image] [Userpage]
by 葉月 壊: [Image] [Userpage]
by PIPI: [Image] [Userpage]

Comment wall
XCV writes...
at 10:22:53pm on 3/29/21
Oh I super did not know you came out. Congrats <3
ilikexd writes...
at 4:44:03am on 9/1/20
or return suddenly and be like haha look it's me
that would be cool
ilikexd writes...
at 4:42:31am on 9/1/20
welcome not back
enjoy your absence
revolutionomega writes...
at 11:54:09am on 1/10/20
Ayyo you still stepping stuff? If so I'd love if you took a crack at the LNY TNZ tracks I posted the limited permissions for. Been a long time!
bmah writes...
at 3:14:38am on 1/6/16
Happy belated birthday, Syvi! :D
mkh278 writes...
at 11:15:15pm on 12/31/15
i like that stepfile you did of sea breeze. its a nice song and nice map. Happy new year. wish you all the best.
Fireonwater52 writes...
at 10:31:59pm on 12/30/15
flipsta_lombax writes...
at 9:22:39pm on 9/13/15
Are you goin' this year? >:3
flipsta_lombax writes...
at 8:33:41pm on 9/13/15
Hey bud! How've you been? >:3
psychoangel691 writes...
at 2:58:36pm on 7/27/15
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