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IM NOT Xx{Fallen}xX's BROTHER------------------------ I'm the kind of man that walks down brazen green paths scented with sweet honeysuckle, while listening to the melodies of sun bathed cardinals as my mind delves into the inner soul of life. Light dew grazes my cheeks as I breathe in the crisp spring air, and begin to dance, as if my body was a puppet, and the world my puppeteer. Every morning I look into the sun, like I was staring into my lovers eyes and say, "Today's Probably going to suck. Yolo."
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- FFR 9th Official Tournament: Division 1 - Top 8
Comment wall
klimtkiller writes...
at 2:41:12am on 12/19/13
hi Xx[Fallen]xX's brother.
klimtkiller writes...
at 2:28:36am on 12/19/13
hi Xx[Fallen]xX's brother.
CarrotCake94 writes...
at 5:15:02pm on 12/14/13
Hi! If you are interested in joining a Skype group for people around our skill range, feel free to message me. PM or add me on Skype ^w^ You don't need to be too active either.
CarrotCake94 writes...
at 3:26:17pm on 12/11/13
Thanks for motivating me!
CarrotCake94 writes...
at 7:11:58pm on 12/7/13
I'm proud of your improvement throughout the tourney ^w^ good luck!
popsicle_3000 writes...
at 1:21:27pm on 12/7/13
badman7772 writes...
at 2:04:31am on 12/2/13
You have essentially the best token collection ever. Vrofl (at some point), Sunshine, and Hardcore. LOL!
death111 writes...
at 5:05:13pm on 12/1/13
thanks man, i know it is more difficult than what we have previously done but it is really fun to play and i am just glad that i got this far. :)
CarrotCake94 writes...
at 12:29:30pm on 11/29/13
Thank you so Aqua :3 Your comment will make all the difference ^-^ Good Luck to you too!
I'd also like to see you clean up that sdg ;)
BahamutReishiki writes...
at 11:32:49am on 11/29/13
Thanks. I'll be around for a while so I look forward to seeing you in tournament 10.
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